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Batang 90s: Nostalgic toys we love playing before

Batang 90s: Nostalgic toys we love playing before

Do you recall the times when you would spend hours outside roaming around carefree? There are no adult concerns, no unending notifications, or bills to pay. On this page, let’s recall the times when a toy can already make us happy and satisfied in life. Here are some nostalgic toys that batang 90s loved playing with before.

Batang 90’s: Nostalgic toys we love playing before

Singing toy phone

If you were a little girl back then, I know you also had this pink phone toy that sings whenever you press its buttons. We would spend the entire day singing along to the adorable music that came from these phone toys. 

Water-shooting game

You can either see this toy as so frustrating, or so satisfying. This toy helps you improve your motor skills, and improve coordination. You just have to shoot all those hoops to finish the game.


Tamagotchi originated in Japan, and a lot of units have been sold worldwide. This is a handy egg-shaped toy, considered as the most iconic toy fad in the 90s. Every Tamagotchi required the same care as a real pet, including feeding, playing with, nurturing, and training. Kids in the 90s were devoted to their Tamagotchi, they were their best friend, and a commitment to these pets to be alive.

Batang 90’s: Nostalgic toys we love playing before


Jackstone is a traditional game played with ten jacks, and one stone (ball). You’ll have to scatter the jacks, throw the ball in the air, pick a jack, then catch the ball. I remember playing this in school, after eating lunch if we still have time, before the next class started.


Saranggola or kite in English was not originally made in the Philippines but is a product of creativity. The kites are usually made from barbecue sticks, used plastic bags, and threads that we stole from our mother’s sewing kit. This is best played in an open field, and perfect if the weather is cloudy and windy.

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Sipa is a shuttle-cock like toy, made with a flattened metal soda cap, and colorful plastic straws. The kids who played it back then had some amazing kicking abilities, with good balance.

Did any of these tickle the child in you? Do you miss it? Sound of in the comments below.

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