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Small Business Ideas for College Students

Small Business Ideas for College Students

A college degree is not a prerequisite for starting a business. Whether you just finished high school or are in the middle of getting that degree, this can be your moment to begin your journey in the business world. This will allow you to learn and enhance your entrepreneurial skills. Your chance to become financially independent and potentially put into practice the things you learn at school. Owning a business also allows you to become your own boss. This means that you’ll be working on your own time, allowing you to handle both school and business. 

Small Business Ideas for College Students

live selling

For sure live sellers have come across your social media feed and are interested in you to “mine” their products. If you love to converse with people and build rapport with your customers, this might be an interesting opportunity for you.

The item of your choice can be any type of fashion, beauty, skincare, or food and beverage. You can also use multiple e-commerce platforms to live to sell to reach more shoppers in the online market. You can also get your products from a trusted supplier, or you want to comb through buy-and-sell sites or thrift stores for vintage finds. Moreover, you can select the time and day they wanted to sell your products. This would be convenient for college students like you, especially for starters. 

baking business

One thing Filipinos also share— is our love for sweets. Almost every Filipino eats bread or dessert daily. If you already have the passion or the interest in baking, you already got tons of possible customers. 

You can start with small pastries like cookies, brownies, and muffins that you can sell with your family, friends, and classmates. There are plenty of available recipes online that you can adjust or curate to your preference. Make sure to get your baking supplies from a reputable supplier. You also need to consider the baking tools and equipment you might need to start. However, putting up a baking business will always be challenging. But with a small capital, your possibilities are endless. You will always have ready buyers regardless of the social class you are targeting. 

coffee shop

Coffee is indeed one of the most popular drinks in the world. Eighty percent of Filipinos drink an average of 2.5 cups of coffee every day.

As a college student entrepreneur, if you decided to put your coffee shop near your school or university, it will surely be hyped by the students. Considering that students need their caffeine to kick start their day or pull an all-nighter. You can set up your coffee shop in a physical store or online shop. Curate your coffee in different flavors and a variety of both hot and cold to attract a wider range of customers. Like any other business, make sure to research and have a business plan in hand for a better shot at success. Start small and take your first step forward.

photography or videography services

Do you love taking pictures? Why not try to make money out of it? If you already have the right camera for photography, this might be your chance to turn your passion into a business. 

Select a main platform where you want to publicize your works. It can be on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. You can also create accounts for more chances of your work becoming popular. You can also pick your target audience, it can be for families, businesses, or events. Through photography or videography services, you can also sell items included in the services you offer. It can be print images or stock photography. You can start a business fueled by your passion with just a camera and a few helpful applications to enhance the results.

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printing services

As a college student, looking for a printing shop would always be part of our daily lives.

Despite the advancement of technology today, many people would still prefer to have printouts especially when studying. With you their easy-access printing services, you will have lots of regular customers at hand. You can also offer other printing products such as flyers, customized print items, tarpaulin, cards, and many more. 

makeup services

If you are someone who already has skills in makeup artistry, you can make it as a sideline while studying.

Put your skills into a business that you can run depending on your free time. The need for makeup artists can be seasonal or occasional but you can always offer your services at any time. Create a portfolio consisting of several faces that will model in different ages, skin types, and occasions. You can publicize this portfolio on your personal or business account where people can contact you. There are also photography studios where you can offer your services as a makeup artist. 

There you go, this is now your sign to start your own business and be your own boss!

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