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Kathy’s House of Pastries- my bread and butter

Kathy’s House of Pastries- my bread and butter

In 2020, the world stopped. Businesses, institutions, and going to school have been paused for a while. As someone who always need to do something, I became anxious just to stay at home and wait for the next announcement that we will be allowed to go out. The pandemic closed lots of establishments, but it opens a new opportunity for us to start our own. Our baking journey has started.

The start of my small business journey

Rooted in our love of baking and a father who is an expert in the field of pastry, Kathy’s House of Pastries was born. A home-based pastry shop located in Caloocan was built. It is a hobby of our own while earning from home. Fueled with a small capital and a few tools and equipment we have at home. We then started to make and sell cakes and pastries from my father’s recipe book. 

With a mission to provide premium quality pastries at an affordable price, our small business thrives. It all started with cookies, brownies, and cake in cans, which were then surprisingly patronized by our family and friends, and even got plenty of regular customers who would consistently order our products. We have sold hundreds of boxes of pastries and cake in cans which really helped us through the pandemic. Later on, we started making big cakes and even customized cake orders, as well as cupcakes, muffins, and loaf bread. 

Baking as my bread and butter

This small business has been my bread and butter during the difficult times of the pandemic. It not only helped me provide for myself and help my family financially, but baking became a therapeutic thing to do during stressful times. It helped me have a routine, meditate while working, allowed me to meet new people, and all while earning money. Also, who wouldn’t love the smell of a newly baked product?

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Every day has been challenging for someone who has juggled both school and business. But it was better for me than just being stagnant and at home since baking has always been a hobby and a simple pastime for me. But as the old saying goes, if you love doing something, why not try to make money out of it?

 It could be a simple hobby or craft, but it could be your next big accomplishment. It doesn’t have to be huge immediately, it just has to be something you can do consistently. Know that you will encounter lots of setbacks or even failures, but that is not the end of everything. Running a business can be stressful but having a support system you can rely on is everything. Prioritizing relationships with your people and community, it will surely pay off later on. 

As for me, Kathy’s House of Pastries is a challenging business to run, but the end result is always sweet. 

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