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Showcasing the beauty of old movies: Audrey Hepburn recommendations

Showcasing the beauty of old movies: Audrey Hepburn recommendations

Audrey Hepburn movies

Audrey Hepburn, a lady and an actress with timeless beauty. Many people prefer old movies over the new ones because of its aesthetically-pleasing effect, and the kind of language used before. More than that, people loved the gentlemanliness of men, the classiness of women, and the way people acted before.

Aside from the vocabularies, how the cinematographies work, and the formality of people before, the veteran artists stands out, too. Especially, the way she sounded in her movies, and her fashionable outfits. So, here are movie recommendations starring Audrey Hepburn for you to appreciate:

Showcasing the beauty of old movies: Audrey Hepburn recommendations

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

I consider this movie as one of the sweetest old movies that I watched. Also, Moon River as the movie’s theme song makes it even sweeter.

Alongside Audrey Hepburn‘s sweet and deep vocals, the emotions shown in the story makes it heart-warming. The movie starts with Paul Varjak, a struggling writer, and Holly Golightly, an odd yet sophisticated woman. They both met inside their rented apartment. Then, they hopelessly fall in love with each other in the long run.

Holly was depicted as naive person who cannot easily settle, and a phony. Yet, in the end, they ended up being together despite her indecisive outbursts. I consider this a sweet movie because of Paul‘s unconditional love for her and his ability to tell Holly what she needs to hear, and his comfort during the movie.

Charade (1963)

Another movie that Audrey Hepburn starred in, Charade. Compared to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, her character here shows about a woman who lately lost a spy husband that brought her more danger. Regina Lampert has been continuously harassed by the three guys who happen to be linked to her late husband’s death. Regina then asked for a stranger’s help to secure her safety and ended up falling in love with each other.

Charade movie snapshot of Regina and Joshuaof

Medium | Charade

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The mystery rom-com movie will make you love old movies more.  If you like chaotic movie situations, then I recommend this movie for you to watch because of the unexpected ending!

The finesse and classiness that Audrey Hepburn projects in her movies, the storylines, and how men treat women with respect before makes old movies more beautiful. Except when Regina got betrayed and harassed, of course.

Lately, people romanticize old movies. Pleasing to see how the older generations fall in love before. Nowadays, dating has that evident change when it comes to courtship. From men being the alpha of the relationship, to women being demure and shy. But in both generations, sets a different example of how we treat and pursue each other.

In the end, treasuring the timeless icons and rewatching the masterpieces that our grandparents used to watch in their days would be nice, getting them back in the spotlight once again.

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