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Sean de Guzman: The Man Under The Spotlight

Sean de Guzman: The Man Under The Spotlight

Hopelessness can force you to do something that’s against your will. Especially if your family is pressed for money and has done the same. This is the theme of the Joel Lamangan masterpiece, Anak ng Macho Dancer led by Sean De Guzman. This is the sequel to Lino Brocka’s 1988 passionately analytical melodrama “Macho Dancer”, starring Alan Paule.

Anak ng Macho Dancer revolves around Sean De Guzman’s character Inno, the titular character. He’s put under the spotlight to support his family. He becomes a dancer in a club to sell his young body to filthy rich folks who love well-sculpted, young men.

Anak ng Macho Dancer Cast

Provocative the film may be, it discusses hard truths about sex work. It displays full-frontal worker molestation and the direct life-long effects on a worker’s psyche.

Akala lagi na porke lalaki sila, walang mawawala, maliligo lang. Mag-alcohol. Take vitamins and make sure you practice safe sex. What people don’t get is that their self-worth decreases. Especially when a patron asks a macho dancer to do something that isn’t natural to him. You lose your dignity and manhood because of the money you need to survive, Sean revealed.

Moreover, it’s a precautionary tale. It’s a tale of an industry that’s continuously being looked down on. It isn’t for the faint of heart as it could disempower anyone. Oppressed and distraught, sex workers could become victims who also need support and comfort.

The Dream Role

Sean de Guzman shared that he didn’t expect to land the lead role.

I was asked to macho dance during the audition. Since they were looking for ten macho dancers for the film, I was thinking if ever I get a role, it would be another supporting role.” 
Anak ng Macho Dancer Sean De Guzman, Charles Nathan, Miko Pasamonte

Led by a cast of star-studded veterans such as Allan Paule, Rosanna Roces, Jay Manalo, and Jacklyn Jose, this Macho Dancer sequel is a must-see.

It was nerve-wracking to work with veteran actors kasi bago ‘yun sakin. ‘Yung kabang ‘yun ginagamit ko as a motivation to perform and deliver my lines well. They also taught me to be natural, to express what I really felt,”  Sean shared.

The Story of Anak ng Macho Dancer

“This movie is not all about sex. This shows the real story and challenges behind the macho dancers and what led them to do this kind of work. Yung iba iniisip madumi yung pagiging macho dancer pero wag natin silang ijudge kasi hindi natin alam yung story nila,” he shared.
Not all of us are blessed with the opportunities that come our way so we have no right to dismiss or judge someone because of their choices,” Sean states.
“I am not telling that these macho dancers are saints but all of them fight for their lives and loved ones.” They all have a story that we should understand and respect. When you hear their stories, if people only take their time to really listen, it will hit you big time. For others, they already made a conclusion that their choice is easy,” he added.

The Man Under The Spotlight

Sean de Guzman is a young up-and-coming celebrity who wishes to make it big in the showbiz industry. Some have already dubbed him as the next Coco Martin, especially with his all-Filipino looks.

It’s a tough road, but I want to work hard and be part of this industry. In the future, I wish to work with Nadine Lustre, maybe in a movie that has a theme of a couple who works abroad. I look up to her and she’s my dream celebrity partner,” Sean shared.
“I hope that you’ll watch the film as I tried to do my best and exposed a lot about who I am as an actor. I’d like also to be known for playing other roles such as a lead in a romantic comedy, preferably with Nadine Lustre. I’d like to show my versatility and my depth as an actor.”

The Morality of the Macho Dancer

The erotic performances on stage with Sean’s male colleagues merged with their stories offstage makes for a compelling cinematic experience. It wouldn’t be difficult for you to fall in love and…feel things with this movie. It shows a naïve man drawn to a world that his father once worked hard for him not to be a part of. This isn’t only a sensual display of sculpted masculine bodies. Most importantly, it’s an authentic and intimate show of a man’s vulnerability.

A lot of people look down on these jobs. This is a job too and there are so many facets to it. This film is very educational because there are layers behind each other’s stories. For some, it can be empowering as the money can give them total independence. Stripping for others can also make you feel in total control. It’s a form of entertainment and can make other people feel good, make them escape from their worries. So it can be fulfilling too to the macho dancers.

Macho dancing is a job. Therefore, it needs to be equally respected. For as long as it’s voluntary and that it doesn’t violate anyone’s rights,  we should not look down on it. Sex workers should not be harassed as they are also human too who’s looking for better opportunities to make a living.

The Show Must Go On

Anak ng Macho Dancer performs this 2021. It’s produced by Joed Serrano and God Father ProductionsGrace Ibuna. It’s in cooperation with Blackwater. The uncut version of the movie will premiere at UP Film Center. The movie will also introduce industry newcomers William Lorenzo, Emilio Garcia, Chloe Sy, Charles Nathan, David Schion, Miko Pasamonte, and Niel Suarez.

Watch the full trailer below.

Produced by Josh Austria

Words by Arthur Tolentino

Photography | Jai Murcillo

Stylist |  Edrick Paz

Grooming by Jason Concepcion

Publicist | Leo Bukas

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