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Renaissance of Wonder and Beauty: Panagbenga Festival is back!

Renaissance of Wonder and Beauty: Panagbenga Festival is back!

Due to the steady decline of COVID-19 cases, Baguio reopens and finally invites all of us! We will again witness the myriad of flowers blooming in February and the tranquil beauty of Baguio! Yes, everyone is excited to finally witness the vibrant celebration of the Panagbenga Festival.

After its hiatus, the traditional celebration is back. Indeed, the Panagbenga Festival, also known as the flower festival, is a crowd favorite. Make sure to check out the schedule of events.

Panagbenga Festival's calendar of events

Grand Opening Parade

Street dancers, City Government officials, and the private sectors are among the people who will surely appear at this festival. They will grace the session road with the lovely Panagbenga hymn and amusing performances. Three elementary schools and eight cultural groups will participate in the elimination rounds. Marching bands come from the Philippine Military Academy and Saint Louis University.

Mau Victa | Baguio Chronicle

Grand Street Dancing Parade

The runner-ups in the elimination round will perform and charm the audience once again. It is entertaining to watch because there will be a lot of creative costumes with a touch of various cultures. There is an open division in which performers from other provinces will feature their own festivals. Bangus Festival in Dagupan and the Basi Festival of La Union, to name a few. Cosplayers, mime artists, and famous personalities will usually be present.

Grand Float Parade

Gigantic and colorful flower floats from the public and private sectors will be parading on this day. It is a battle of grandiose flower arrangements and majestic designs worth a penny. The deadline for submitting entries in the grand float parade will be on February 22. The private sector and its sponsors spice up the floats by guesting famous personalities.

Session Road in Bloom

After the Grand Float Parade, the historic Session Road will bloom. It will host a huge variety of stalls showcasing local products from the Cordillera Region. The spirit of the traditional festival celebration vibrates through the city. Stalls vary from creative anklets, wood crafts, and authentic dishes to various performances. People flock here all at once, enjoying the cheap and affordable items. There are free music shows in Governor Pack Road or Malcolm Square.

Grand Fireworks Display

To officially end the celebration, a usual 10-minute firework display from SM, Session Road, and Melvin Jones takes place. The colorful and magical lights will light up the sky, giving a majestic view and living a happy memory for people.

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It is also important to bring a lot of patience because the event will draw a huge crowd. Plan thoroughly beforehand if you are planning to visit Baguio to attend the month-long celebration. Better prepare an itinerary by looking at the Panagbenga 2023 schedule of activities. You can also start looking to book your accommodations. Make sure that it is DOT-accredited because online scammers are rampant these days.

The return of the said festival is a sign that the city is finally coping with the new normal and moving on from the effects of a pandemic. After all, Panagbenga started after the tragedy of the 1990 killer earthquake. The Local Government Unit of Baguio is hopeful that they will restore tourism and overcome the loss pandemic has caused them.

If you want a non-hassle visit, you can also schedule your trip on regular or special holidays. The Panagbenga festival is exciting, but Baguio ages beautifully over time; there will be a lot to explore and celebrate.

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