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Why YouTube Premium is better than Spotify

Why YouTube Premium is better than Spotify

The productivity trinity of 21st Century students consists of deadlines, coffee, and an accompanying playlist. But how can an academic mood be set if every 5 to 15 minutes, an ominous “Want a break from the ads?” or a random Adidas commercial blares your concentrating ears?

Spotify undeniably has a chokehold on the music industry. Subscribers enjoy their favorite songs and podcasts through the app on almost all devices. Your classmates have it, your professors have it, and for sure your parents probably have one too. Where else would they listen to Air Supply? But did you know that your YouTube Premium subscription also gives you YouTube Music? In this article, we’ll give you the best reasons why you should consider moving to YouTube Premium!

YouTube vs Spotify: Price

The price for subscription levels the playing field for both competing streaming applications. Spotify boasts a relatively affordable cost of P149/month. This unlocks up to 320kbps of high-quality streaming, ad-free playback, and access to the entirety of Spotify’s musical arsenal. 

YouTube Premium offers its subscription for P159/month. YouTube Music caps its high-quality streaming at 256kbps, but more than compensates for it with its multitudes of other services. This includes ad-free videos, access to YouTube Originals, and more!

But for students, the price gets even cheaper. Spotify has a student discount for students enrolled in higher education, priced at only P75/month. The alternative on the other hand offers its services for P95/month. 

YouTube Premium offers a lot

YouTube Premium offers a broader range of content, including music videos, live performances, and exclusive content from popular artists. While Spotify holds the crown for music streaming, students benefit from YouTube’s variety of services.

Are you tired of studying and want to grab a quick snack? 21st etiquette dictates that eating without watching a YouTube video is a sin. Want to present a documentary in class without interruptions? Or want to play a 10-hour stream of lofi beats for studying? Do this all without ads in YouTube Premium.

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YouTube Premium is convenient

Before Spotify began to be completely mainstream, we all had our playlists on YouTube. It can be a drag to manually add these songs to your Spotify album, especially if you’re a K-Pop fan with almost 200+ songs in one single playlist. With YouTube Premium, any video on YouTube can be smoothly transitioned to YouTube music. 

Indie and underground fans also appreciate this service, as some of our local artists can only be found on YouTube. Download and stream all your hidden gems with ease!

Spotify might be a staple household name, but that doesn’t mean that our options as students are limited to one. Students should know how to budget wisely in order to save up money and maximize costs to their full potential. Opting for YouTube Premium serves academic hustlers versatile services and an ad-less environment -for only a fraction of their allowance.

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