Baguio City: A haven for all people

Baguio is a place that often rings to mind and a city that is often visited. A haven for people who seek comfort and solace. Baguio is often featured, which makes it famous, yet it remains magical and mysterious. Their rich culture that is deeply rooted in their ways and lands, therefore, remains to be intact. Unlike other developed cities, Baguio proudly offers a global and realistic experience.

Photo Credit: Igorot Park | Thania Florendo

The depth and breadth of Baguio’s creativity lie in the strength of its community. For an unknown reason, its loving people have a unique bond that is hard to topple. Baguio is a haven and culmination of various tribes from Igorots and Ilocanos. They share a collective aspiration to grow a creative economy through imagination and innovation. 

Photo Credit: Igorot Park | ThaniaFlorendo

Baguio City encourages activities to support and promote its vibrant arts community as part of its program as a UNESCO Creative City for Crafts and Folk Arts, the first Philippine City to be designated as such by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

Creative City– a tapestry of life

Photo Credit: View of Burnham Lake from SM Baguio Terrace | Conrad Rotor

It is a place teeming with art in every corner. It continuously steps up its game in supporting and promoting local crafts in the art industry. The iconic Session Road, close to vehicles on Sundays, becomes the avenue to showcase everyone’s creativity.  The historic road transforms into a global city: a giant canvas open for artists and non-artists, a stage for every busker, and an exhibit for cosplayers, mime artists, and dancers.

Baguio is rich in culture and people. It never lacks diversity; filmmakers, historians, poets, writers, tattoo artists, weavers, musicians, name it. They filled the city with creative ideas through different avenues and expressions.

Photo Credit: Session Rd. | Ray Ivan Santos

A place of inclusivity, freedom, and safety

Baguio offers liberty to everyone– either locals or tourists. The people in Baguio are welcoming and open to people who express themselves through fashion. Everyone has the freedom to wear what they prefer and walk confidently. There are trending videos by a photographer in Baguio named Karl Patacsil, who features the style of unique and elected outfits. It showcases a plethora of timeless and trending vogues. This liberty is a celebration of a person’s identity and truth, who and what they are. It is open to LGBTQ and holds a record of low crime rates. 

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Photo Credit: Session Rd. | Joey Wahing Nacario

Baguio as Global City 

Baguio is a product of human development, resulting in an urban-ecological place. The city’s timeless beauty is not a product of a mere master plan. It does not have massive capital incomes like other global cities in the National Capital Region. It is rather a product of colonization and stood the test of time. Thus, the creation of Baguio, a precious city, should continue to thrive. Baguio’s central business district has its own charming magic. Those global cities shined up that, true enough, offer convenience and aesthetics but are rootless and easily replicable in any location.

Its many buildings are explorable from its basement to its roof deck. Like MaharlikaLivelihood Center, each floor is full of cafes, eateries, salons, dental offices, toy stores, and computer shops. The pedestrians can go up, down, left, and right, and each direction explodes with entrepreneurship. The availability of low-rent spaces in the central business district. The business continues to thrive in the town because the charming old buildings are affordable at a lower price.

Baguio is an exquisite, worth-visiting city with a vignette of creativity and inclusivity. The intricate tapestry instilled by its culture and the strength of its community made it stand stronger through time. It is the perfect place to visit when you want to wander and have peace of mind. 

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