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RED Entertainment enters the Agriculture Industry thru RED Farms

RED Entertainment enters the Agriculture Industry thru RED Farms

RED Farms Now offers the Filipino household with quality & affordable rice.

As an agricultural country, growing crops for food consumption has been a lifelong activity for the Filipinos. Local and commercial farmers produce crops that are considered essential commodities to every Filipino household. In fact, agriculture plays an important role in a nation’s economy as it serves as the backbone of the country’s economy. Aside from food and various raw materials derived from rice, this industry also provides employment opportunities to a very large percentage of the country’s population.

RED Entertainment saw the opportunity and wants to embrace and maximize the potential in the agricultural industry. In these uncertain times, we have learned the value of health, food, value for money products and services and through RED Farms, Filipinos can now get locally-produced quality rice for their families at a very affordable price.

RED Entertainment CEO & Founder Richie De Quina

Promoting local products

RED Farms new venture also aims to provide entrepreneurship opportunities to those who want to be DEALERS and RESELLERS.  A move that encourages entrepreneurship amongst the Filipino People with a product very familiar, simple and something that everybody consume on a daily basis.  A strategic move that will empower the people to own their own business that will give them handsome profits.

The brand also encourages everyone to buy locally produced products and services.

RED Farms is a division of RED Entertainment which is registered under the (SEC) Securities and Exchange Commission and PHILGEPS.

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RED Farms offers a wide variety of rice depending on the types, texture, and price — Denorado Mindoro, Jasmine Denorado, Coco Pandan, Super Angelica, and Pinoy Premium Rice.

For more information, you can visit Facebook Page RED Farms or e-mail at

Let’s support local, buy local.

RED Farms is your partner to healthier and happier Filipino families!

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