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Philippine Drag Overdose: Filipino contents for your drag aftershow

Philippine Drag Overdose: Filipino contents for your drag aftershow

Now, that the queens found their way to the mainstream, they make us crave for more! This strange addiction for Philippine drag is unstoppable and they are just starting. One might miss an episode of Drag Race Philippines (DRPH) – Season 2 and just watch at a later time. But nobody could miss the teas and hot takes, straight from drag personalities!

Go ahead and get that Philippine drag overdose with these contents for your drag aftershow.

The Stop Over

Despite being the newest drag recap show in the Philippines, The Stop Over vogued its way to the audience. Filipina Diva Marina Summers hosts this show and have other artists from the industry as guests in her Youtube channel. Together, they spill their “unofficial, unauthorized, and ultimately unbothered” takes on a recently released episode of DRPH’s 2nd season.

Fans showed their love for Marina and gave her show’s teaser more than 23 thousand views. This engagement even spiked up in the first episode of The Stop Over where the diva was joined by Dalaygon Queen, Lady Morgana. The show’s debut release got 128 thousand views while the 2nd episode with another DRPH RuGirl, Turing 36 thousand views in just 12 hours. It just goes to show that no one could resist the presence of Marina Summers and everyone just got to stop over.

Offgina’s Review

It’s Offgina but it’s Ongina! This Filipino-American Queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 1 and All Season 5 checks on the Filipina queens’ runway. Ongina appeared as Offgina in the first episode of her review. She wore no make up, no extravaganza couture, literally off-drag. But her critical reviews on the newest RuGirls proved that she’s the drag legend and HIV activist , Ongina.

The queen rated the contestants’ look with “pakak” for those she thinks slayed while “lagapak” for those who didn’t. Ongina looked from the Filipina queens extravaganza hairs down to the last inch of their shoes. Other than that, she also commended the bigger werkroom for this season and the prices for the next DRPH superstar. She looks forward for the drama that awaits for the audience. Truly, everything were on point with Ongina.

Drag Session

Every Filipino drag enthusiast probably knows and follows Philippine Drag Update on Twitter to get their latest tea, happenings, and shows. But now, they are on their way to give us Philippine drag overdose with their latest Twitter Space show, Drag Session. This live and interactive recap content also invites drag queens from other platforms to share their hottest takes on the recent episodes of DRPH Season 2.

In their first air, Holly Luna, a queen from the social entertainment app, Kumu, joins the host in reviewing the RuGirls’ performance during the premiere. They immediately noticed their interaction during the introduction and are living for more drama that the queens will serve in the next episodes. Other drag personalities also joined them, making it definitely a whole drag session.

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BEKENEMEN: A podcast

Hosted by the Filipino content creator Baus Rufo and the insatiable drag force Myx Chanel, this podcast serves us drag overdose. They don’t just simply recap episodes of DRPH, but review them with the season 2 Filipina RuGirls. In the first episode, the fans got a Tiny Deluxe and Matilduh presence, followed by OV Cunt for the 2nd recap.

The hosts go beyond the looks and performances of the queens but include reviewing the content itself and how it could serve the fans more. BEKENEMEN seem to be an insider kind of show, given that the guest drag queens are the S2 RuGirls themselves. These Filipina drag artists give us a glimpse of their experiences inside the werkroom.

To be in the mainstream is such a milestone for the Philippine drag scene, but to get the amount of love and support from all over the world is another. The debut seasons of DRPH and Drag Den with Manila Luzon were undeniably successful. Now, we look forward for a fiercer, bolder, and more extravaganza drag industry. Beyond the shows, let us show our support for the industry and the community and have a genuine Philippine drag overdose.

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