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Bekenemen is Holding Drag Race Watch Parties Live

Bekenemen is Holding Drag Race Watch Parties Live

Bekenemen Podcast started with Drag Race Recaps. Now, the Podcast duo ventured into hosting watch parties with local drag performances.

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Bekenemen Pushes Forth Pinoy Drag

The world has formed an admiration for the art of drag. Thanks to the show Rupaul’s Drag Race, the spotlight is finally shone on the otherwise underground drag scene. Brimming with talent, Filipino drag artists are definitely deserving of the world stage. Bekenemen provides an avenue for local drag artists to perform and showcase their talents, as well as support the livelihood of the performers. As they host the drag race watch parties, visitors are welcomed with drinks, drag performers, and a party worth staying up late for. 

A Queer Creative Safe Space

A variety of concepts are ever-present at Bekenemen’s Drag Race watch parties. Various sponsors allow the event to have friendly competitions between audiences. Consequently, immersing visitors in an in-depth experience of a safe queer community. Events like Bekenemen’s Watch Parties allow us to experience the nightlife with so much more vibrance, as a diverse community of both artists and fans are opening up to us. Putting out more and more drag race seasons, –with even a Drag Race Philippines coming soon –Bekenemen’s watch parties are here to stay. More and more people will be fighting for tickets to attend their watch parties and have a taste of queer culture. 

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A New Scene in the City Nightlife

Photo Credits: Instagram

Now that the world is opening, we deserve to have a new avenue to express ourselves. For instance, Bekenemen’s events are a fresh place to have a great night. Knowing how sociable the audience is, the watch parties will also be a great way for people to socialize and bond over a common interest. The art of drag has always been a fascinating art form that blends comedy, glamour, and fashion. On the contrary, a lot of prejudice for our expressions are facing us. Especially now, the opening up to a broader audience, mainstream media promotes the drag scene. Thus, scrutiny might face us even more. However, queer safe spaces like these remind us that our existence is a form of resistance. As more events like Bekenemen’s pop up, we get to create a bigger movement towards acceptance and equality.

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