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Personally, here are the best ways I cope with my anxiety

Personally, here are the best ways I cope with my anxiety

Are there times when you don’t know what to do to cope with your anxiety? I feel you, but maybe I can help you with that matter. Let’s talk about how I help myself when it comes to anxiety. Over time, we are gradually reaching the adulting stage, and that’s when I started to feel what they called anxiety.

Before, I didn’t know what that anxiety was. But then, when I was here at this stage, it turned out that anxiety is like this because I realized that anxiety is not a joke. The enemy here is our mind and ourselves, so sometimes, it is inevitable that it will defeat us.

However, I didn’t let myself wallow in this sadness or anxiety because, in the end, we are the only ones who can help ourselves. I learned some coping mechanisms when I want to get away from my anxiety. Through these, my anxiousness will no longer defeat me.

Personally, here are three of the best ways I cope with my anxiety

Drinking my favorite coffee with good music on

Coffee and music are the perfect tandem for me. That’s what I like to do when my anxiety attacks me and when I want to avoid it. I don’t know, but I feel different when I drink my favorite coffee, and also, there’s good playlist music playing. Maybe because it’s my favorite and I’m happy with it. So, it helps me a lot.

Hang out with my true friends

Yes, emphasis on TRUE FRIENDS, do you know why? It helps a lot when you feel that the people you are with are true to you. I absolutely go with my circle of friends, we’re only a few of us, but at least they’re all real. When you feel that you are not comfy with your circle of friends, avoid that because it will not really help you, it will make you think and feel anxious.

Even though we are little, my friends help me a lot because I can trust them with the things I share with them and they listen with willingness. You will feel fulfilled when that happens, right? because that’s how I always feel when I’m with them, I’m happy and forget the sadness.

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Doing something I’m good with

I didn’t say that you should also sing because that’s mine, what I mean there is do the things you’re good at, for example your talent. Do the activities you want, don’t let that get away from you. I always sing when I have anxiety.

Yes, sometimes I sing while crying, as if by singing I release my sadness or my anxiousness. There are times when I immediately comfort myself by singing before my anxiety swallows me up. It is effective because I am already happy, so my anxiety can no longer play a role in me.

Just some reminders, I know that at first, it will be so hard for us to handle the anxiety, but we will always remember that it should not defeat us. Only you can understand and control yourself. The things I have shared are just instruments for us to avoid or cope with. It is not enough, so we should always think that…

“Anxiety should be having troubled swallowing us, not us who are having troubled because anxiety is swallowing us.”

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