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OPINION: My Favorite TV Gay Couples Of All Time

OPINION: My Favorite TV Gay Couples Of All Time

A lot of networks and online streaming platforms have started to introduce audiences to fantastic gay couples for many years now. And, they have started to become a pretty inclusive place when it comes to romantic queer storylines. Some of them have happy endings while others didn’t exactly end in a happily ever after. But, these TV gay couples are my favorite ones because of how they were presented in their respective series.

Disclaimer on absent TV gay couples on the list:

I would have to put a disclaimer, though, that there are TV gay couples here that won’t be on the list like Nick and Charlie from Heartstopper or even David and Patrick from Schitt’s Creek. Although they are cute, I have to admit that I haven’t necessarily finished watching the entirety of both series. So, they won’t be on this list.

Kurt and Blaine from Glee were also supposed to be on the list as they were the first ever TV gay couple that I encountered in the mainstream. However, there were parts like infidelity that made me exclude them from the list.

Ian and Mickey from Shameless also won’t be on the list as they have one of the most toxic relationships that I’ve seen on TV. Although that toxicity came from their upbringing and standing in their lives, it wasn’t something that I want young members of the LGBTQIA+ community to look to as an inspiration.

OPINION: My Favorite TV Gay Couples Of All Time

But, with that said, I love the following TV gay couples because they were presented as a pair in a healthy relationship. And, that has become the number one reason why I love them.

Mitch and Cam | Modern Family

This is the TV gay couple that made fans love the show even more. They were outgoing and flawed but they remained genuine at the same time. Over eleven seasons, regular and occasional viewers alike saw them adopt two babies, get married, find different jobs, and eventually move from the West Coast to the Midwest.

In a series full of hilarious characters, they stand out as two of the most lovable figures. The series started with their plans on adopting Lily. This, of course, added even more chaos to their already-chaotic family. Mitch is high-strung while Cam has a flair for the dramatics. Their chemistry is top-notch, standing as television’s most prominent portrayal of gay parenthood.

They know each other very well which has become a must when it comes to relationships. Practically reading each other’s minds without conversing or even speaking a word is such a wonderful thing to see, especially in an older couple. It’s a goal that a lot of couples want to have.

Raymond and Kevin | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Sure, Jake and Amy were intended to be the main TV couple of the sitcom, but Raymond and Kevin is another one that stole the fans’ hearts. It’s as if the show would only want to produce the healthiest set of relationships ever. I just love them together. It’s like watching our dads on television. I love them.

Raymond Holt is a straight-laced captain and he found love with the equally straight-faced Kevin Cozner. The captain had to deal with prejudice surrounding his race and sexuality. So, it would be understandable why his husband isn’t particularly fond of his co-workers or even subordinates. But, the career choices they made can’t keep them apart. Plus, the fact that they’re a gay couple wasn’t even a huge deal in the series.

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They prove that one of the keys to a successful marriage is honesty. And, it proves so much, especially when you watch them on the series. Despite Kevin not being a cop nor a detective, he will never abandon Raymond when he’s in danger. We see their relationship grow and prosper as the series goes on and they are truly inspiring to see them together.

Magnus and Alec | Shadowhunters

There is no other TV gay couple that I love more than Malec. They have such different personalities. However, their chemistry was just off the charts. Magnus Bane is a funny and charismatic warlock. Meanwhile, Alec is a serious and somber Shadowhunter. They have a healthy, realistic, and swoon-worthy relationship. It’s like TV magic.

Magnus and Alec met and immediately, I was enamored with the way they look at each other. It’s as if you could feel the tension when this TV couple’s eyes met. And, the fact that the warlock was already impressed with the Shadowhunter the first time they met made me believe in love at first sight.

I love rewatching the entire series just to watch their love story blossom again and again and again. Every scene that they had together made me swoon. When Alec was arranged to marry and Magnus stopped the wedding, my heart was about to burst. That kiss? Literally awe-inducing.

How about you? Who’s your favorite TV gay couple of all time? Let us know in the comments section below!

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