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One Piece Live Action Takes Netflix by Storm in Its Debut Week!

One Piece Live Action Takes Netflix by Storm in Its Debut Week!

The Japanese manga and anime series, One Piece, has already reached 18.5 million streams in its first week of release. The live-action adaptation skillfully recreated the anime’s intense moments which brought the internet hype. The show’s remarkable accuracy in both appearance and the depth of acting intensity has made this possible.

One Piece Live Action Takes Netflix by Storm in Its Debut Week!

The 1997 anime and manga have just made their live adaptation, shattering not only Netflix but also igniting a global internet frenzy since August 31. In retrospect, they had announced this back in 2018 and dropped a trailer last June 2023.

And having One Piece‘s creator, Eichiro Oda as the show’s Executive Producer explains why every scene has the same emotion as its original versions.

The show comprises eight one-hour episodes and has accumulated a staggering 140 million hours of viewing time on Netflix.

Now, let us take a look at the live-action adaptation characters

As I watched the first few episodes, I couldn’t resist comparing it to the anime counterpart, examining its accuracy in both character portrayal and appearance. And I’m astonished at how well they portrayed their roles despite the people complaining about the series.

Monkey D. Luffy

Photo courtesy of Beebom

Iñaki Godoy takes the helm as Luffy, the straw-hat pirate, in the live-action adaptation. He flawlessly embodied the quirky personality of the stretchy pirate, which led Oda to select him as the ideal choice for Luffy.


Photo courtesy of Beebom

The ship’s navigator, Nami! Emily Ellen Rudd gave justice to her character, and Nami was the first few members of Luffy’s pirate crew along with Zoro. As she mentioned in one of her interviews, she grew up geeking on One Piece— which helped her land her role as Nami.

Roronoa Zoro

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Mackenyu Maeda brought the character of the three-sword pirate, Roronoa Zoro, to life in the series. His character has become an internet sensation thanks to his striking resemblance and undeniable skills. Moreover, he has knowledge when it comes to swordsmanship which makes his character portrayal a spot-on for Zoro.

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Well, Jacob Romero starred as Usopp, and I must say that he truly resembles the character. He is known as the Sniper of the Straw Hats as well as the crew’s repairman. Though he may not have Usopp‘s iconic nose, he then effectively displayed his quirky and comedic side that matches well with his character.


Photo courtesy of Beebom

And lastly, Taz Skylar takes on the role of the crew’s cook, Sanji. Each day, he honed his Tae Kwon Do skills, and following his performances at ‘The Young Vic,’ he devoted time to cooking lessons as part of his preparation for the live-action role. Both skills embody Sanji’s which helped him land his character.

I was in Hamlet at The Young Vic whilst also doing two to three hours of Tae-Kwon-Do training a day + chef training after the show in the evenings and it was a lot to handle whilst also trying to keep my centre of gravity as a human… But now, I’ve reached a point where I’m just kinda like… “You’re just gonna do your fucking best bro” and whatever happens fucking happens. If I walk on to set thinking “how are people wanting me to play this” I’m bound to fail… If walk on to set thinking, “this role is mine now and I’m going to rip it to shreds and pour my heart and soul into it” I’m always going to be proud of it

Taz Skylar via Murphy’s Multiverse

These are just a few of the characters in the series, but the entire cast is spot-on, contributing to its well-deserved surge in viewership. So what are you waiting for? Catch ‘One Piece‘ Live Action on Netflix!

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