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Bonez and Fofo moments that made us go “sana all”

Bonez and Fofo moments that made us go “sana all”

I just wanted to watch television, scroll through my Instagram, and spend hours in Tiktok but Bonez and Fofo keeps me thinking of the life I want with my future partner! And I am living for it!

Celebrity couple Mikael Daez and Megan Young probably has the cutest nicknames for each other ever! In an interview with GMA, Mikael shared the he calls Megan “Bonez” because of her prominent collar bone. Meanwhile, “Fofo” came from a curse word that Mikael’s brother ended up saying instead of “mofo” after he told Megan one of their arguments. She found it very funny, and called Mikael Fofo forever!

More than these cute nicknames and the funny stories behind them, I am living for the moments that these couple shares online. So, to not keep the “sana all” feeling all by myself, I made a list.

Here are the Bonez and Fofo moments to start thinking “someday, somewhere, with someone”

Mikael and Megan work together

It may be true that opposite attracts but I can’t help myself thinking of the fun there is when you and your partner shares the same passion. Well, Bonez and Fofo does! They work together with their craft in acting and they do just too well.

Mikael and Megan are among those big and brilliant stars that play mysterious roles in the intriguing crime mystery drama, Royal Blood. They portray Kristoff and Diana, a married couple who adds into the puzzling plot of the series. These characters are the opposite of Bonez and Fofo in real life, but their passion for this craft gave so much life and color to the story.

Mikael and Megan have fun together

Imagine being a KPop fan and having your supportive partner right by your side while you scream your heart out for the idols you stan. It will surely make the memories sweeter and definitely unforgettable. Seeing you bias in idol industry and sharing the same moment with you “ultimate bias” in life is indeed a combo!

This is yet another “sana all” moment with Mikael who supports and joins Megan in her fangirling moments. And the kilig overload makes the fans scream and root for them all the way more. One of these was when Bones and Fofo attended Suga’s concert in Jakarta. While Megan enjoys the concert, Mikael was right there capturing the most genuine fangirl moments of his Bonez.

Mikael and Megan do podcast together

Eavesdropping to the fun and serious exchange of conversation between these cute couple through their podcast entitled Behind Perfect Relationship makes me live for them more. It’s not all fun for them. They take serious matter seriously and with open minds. They share and understand each other’s takes on matters like cheating, career, and many more.

Although their most recent episode was back in April this year, the relevance of their senseful discussions never run out. These words are what many couples and even the singles may actually need to hear. They just make so much sense. And having a relationship this genuine and open to serious matters is another entry to the relationship goals checklist I got from Bonez and Fofo.

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Bonez and Fofo respect their boundaries

A lot thinks that relationship is an all-out license for them to act like they “own” their partner. Making them feel important and loved is a yes, so is respecting the personal boundaries of each other. And this is what I look up to the most among the Bonez and Fofo moments.

These couple just know exactly the lines they have themselves. No compulsions on decisions, no pressure from relationship norms, just living their lives without stepping over their personal boundaries. This can be especially see with their perception on having a child, as talk about it in their podcast.

Having an offspring seemed to be a norm and societal expectation for couples living together. But not for Bonez and Fofo. They are open to the idea of not having a baby and still be couple just like everybody else. These couple know the need for a holistic preparedness when daring to enter the journey of having kids. Furthermore, Mikael respects Megan’s decision as “the carrier” while he would always be there to support.

Relationships are truly complex and responsibilities to have for each other. But with how Mikael and Megan live theirs, relationships are indeed worth sharing with the people who genuinely love, support, and respect us the way we are. It takes two to tango, anyway.

Your choice of relationship matters. Even just enjoying life with yourself is valid. But with these Bonez and Fofo moments, I can’t help myself from daydreaming to be somewhere with someone someday!

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