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Maxing Out Characters in Genshin Impact – Is it Worth it?

Maxing Out Characters in Genshin Impact – Is it Worth it?

Maxing out your characters to level 90 in Genshin Impact requires not only a lot of resources but patience as well. So, if you’re probably new to the game and wondering if it’s worth it, then maybe you should consider reading this guide first.

In this section, we will list all the tips for beginners who are planning on ascending their characters to their highest level. This includes world resources, experience books, talent materials, and their in-game costs!

Is it worth leveling your Characters to 90?

The answer to this would be it depends. Sure, all Genshin Impact characters would benefit from the numbers added to their stat, but the extra grind of killing more slimes and mobs does not worth so much when you could be leveling another character instead. In this case, higher AR players tend to just reach the last ascension for that added bonus unique to a character and stay at level 80, saving up resources.

But as always, there is an exception.

You’re probably thinking the same thing because yes, it’s Bennett, the unlucky adventurer himself. A playable pyro character from the region of Mondstadt. This is due to his role as a healer/support, and the DMG Buff he provides to the team that is based on Bennett’s Base ATK.

Anemo characters such as Kazuha, Venti, and Sucrose also benefit from maxing them out. Leveling these characters up to 90 is the most cost-effective way to get your return- of investment because this does not only increase their damage, which is dependent on their level, but also their Elemental Mastery or EM which they need for Swirl reactions.

What you need to know when leveling up in Genshin Impact

Before building a character, ask yourself first: Do you have enough Mora?

Ascending characters in Genshin Impact is very expensive, in addition to the need of leveling up their BiS or signature weapons and talents to further strengthen the skills to defeat bosses and complete domain challenges together with your friends

In hindsight, here are the things you need to farm or complete before you can level up:


Players collect Mora, an in-game currency, from various sources, including rewards for challenges and quests, or by farming them through defeating enemies from the Ley Lines on the map. They use Mora to purchase items and upgrades.

For maxing out the Ascension phases of a character, you need a total of 420, 000 Mora.

For maxing out the Level of a character, you need a total of 1, 672, 000 Mora.

Experience Books

Experience books or EXP Books are used by characters in the game to increase their level. They can come from either defeating enemies in the overworld, quest rewards, or also by farming “Blue Ley lines”.

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A total of 421 Experience Books are needed to max out a single character.

Boss & Mob drops

The boss and mob drop materials that you need to level up are specific to a character in Genshin Impact. World bosses are not found in domains, you can directly go to them by locating their positions on your map. Mobs, on the other hand, are scattered all over the regions of Teyvat. You can refer to your Adventurer Handbook if you need to farm a particular enemy and need it.

In general, you will need a total of x46 world boss drops and x18, x30 & x36 of specific mob drops you are farming for.

Local Specialty in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, local specialties are distinct in a region. There are specialties that can only be found in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma. The respawn rate for specialties takes up to 2 days from the time you get them.

You will need an overall of 168 local specialties to max out your Genshin Impact character.

Lastly, keep in mind to manage your resources well! Some characters require the same materials, so it would be best to check on them before you run out of mats! Happy grinding!

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