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How To Fish in Genshin Impact

How To Fish in Genshin Impact

Fishing is a feature that was introduced to Genshin Impact in Version 2.1. It allows players to engage in a relaxing activity and catch various types of fish in the game. Here’s how fishing works in Genshin Impact:

Fishing can also grant players access to free weapons. Some fishing-related activities, such as event challenges or special quests, may offer exclusive weapons as rewards. By participating in these events and successfully completing the fishing-related tasks, players can acquire powerful weapons without spending any resources.

How to catch fishes in Genshin Impact

Fishing spots are easily identifiable by the presence of rippling waters. These areas exhibit noticeable visual effects, with the water surface displaying gentle ripples. By approaching these fishing spots, players can observe various types of fish swimming within the vicinity.

<br>The fishing feature becomes accessible to players once they reach Adventure Rank 30 or higher and complete specific quests. It’s important not to overlook these quests, as they serve as a tutorial for the fishing feature and provide players with a basic fishing rod and some bait.

Basic Fishing in Genshin Impact

Cast your line

To begin fishing in Genshin Impact, head to any location that has a designated fishing spot and interact with it by pressing the designated key on your keyboard (such as F) or the corresponding button on your controller. This will initiate the fishing action.

When casting your line, be mindful not to position or throw it directly at the fish, as this may startle them and cause them to swim away. Instead, aim to cast your line beside the fish, allowing them to approach your bait naturally.

Once your line is cast, be patient and wait for a fish to take the bait.

You’ve Got a Bite!

After getting a bite while fishing in Genshin Impact, the key is to maintain the ideal tension by continuously holding and releasing the Fishing button. Pay close attention to the yellow line within the bar and aim to keep it inside the designated zone.

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While reeling in your fish, it’s important to be attentive and avoid straying too far outside the tension zone. If you fail to maintain the tension and the yellow line veers outside the zone, the fishing attempt will fail, resulting in the line snapping. However, there’s no need to worry as you can simply try again. Stay focused and keep the yellow line within your sight to ensure a successful catch.

Players may find this fishing mechanic challenging initially, but with patience and practice, you will gradually become more familiarized! Enjoy fishing, Travelers!

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