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How to Unlock Daily Commissions in Sumeru in Genshin Impact

How to Unlock Daily Commissions in Sumeru in Genshin Impact

Sumeru, introduced in the 3.0 update of Genshin Impact, is the latest region in Teyvat. It brings forth a host of new monsters, enemies, local specialties, and bosses to challenge players. The region boasts vibrant forests and even includes an upcoming desert map.

When venturing into Sumeru for the first time, one notable aspect is that Daily Commissions are not automatically available. As a result, the region won’t be included in the list of selectable options when choosing your preferred location for completing tasks in the Adventurer’s Handbook.

To know how to access them, continue reading and we’ll walk you through it!

Unlocking Sumeru Daily Commissions in Genshin Impact

Quite similar to the steps of unlocking your Reputation system, these are the criteria that you must meet first so you can start doing your commissions in Sumeru:

Start and complete the Archon Quest Chapter III: Act I – Through Mists of Smoke and Forest Dark;

And you also need to finish the Archon Quest Chapter III: Act II – The Morn A Thousand Roses Brings

Once this is successfully completed, a world quest called “Adventure takes courage” will trigger and appear in your quest menu.

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Remember that you won’t be getting this quest in an instant but until the next reset of your daily commissions which is the following day after completing both Acts of the third chapter of the Archon quest. The daily reset occurs at every 04:00 AM based on your server’s time zone. 

Adventure takes courage is a simple quest that will only require you to talk to Katheryne in Genshin Impact. It is about being an Adventurer and taking in commissions. When you have  successfully completed this, you can now select Sumeru as your preferred region for your Daily Commissions!

To do this, just simply open your Adventurer handbook, and under Commissions. Then choose Sumeru among the regions available and you should be good to go.

That’s really simple! Continue exploring, Travelers!

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