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Maximize Your GCash App: Learn more about GLife

Maximize Your GCash App: Learn more about GLife

Do you have the GCash App? Have you been wondering what GLife is on your app? In case you did not know, GCash App is not just about sending and receiving money or paying bills. You can do a lot more with GLife on your GCash App.

GLife is a page in your GCash dashboard where you can find various merchants and apps. It means you do not have to download different apps or sign up with different accounts. All you have to do is go to your GCash app and find GLife.

What can you do with GLife?

With Glife you can shop, play, eat, and more with just one app.

GLife offers convenience for you whenever you need to shop, order food, need transportation, and more.

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Here are the categories you can choose from GLife:

  • Deals and Rewards from Apple Services Offers, Cashback, MetroDeal, and Triber Philippines
  • Entertainment from ChinkTV, FanLove, Pie, UPSTREAM PH
  • Financial Services from Cebuana Insurance, ComBTAS C-Exchange, GCash for Food, GCash Pera Outlet, GiftInsure, and InLife
  • Food & Drink where you can order food from almost 360 restaurants, coffee shops, local food businesses, and more, without downloading individual apps (for example, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Gong Cha, Yellow Cab, and more.)
  • Gaming offers from Goama, Inplay, mgames, Gaming Library, and BingoPlus.
  • Health and Wellness offer health plans, or where you can order your OTC medicines and vitamins like Generika Drugstore, Alternatibo Shop, and more.
  • Lifestyle such as Globe at Home, Globe Online Shop, GOMO, and more.
  • Retail where you can find different online shops for your different daily needs.
  • Services– most of the shops you can find here are salons, spas, and other beauty services
  • Transport where you can buy tickets for transportation that use beef like BGC Bus, TAS trans, San Agustin Transport, and more. You can also find Borzo for shipping your packages.
Categories From GLife

Now, you can use the GCash App other than receiving and sending money. Go to your app now and explore what GLife can offer you.

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