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Talented Makeup Artists Who Conquered 2019

Talented Makeup Artists Who Conquered 2019

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Have you ever wondered how your fave celebs look glam up all year round? Those noteworthy looks are not just because of their Godlike features and flawless skins — most probably it’s also because of their makeup artists who always keep them red carpet-worthy. Before the year ends, we’ve rounded up the top celebrity make-up artists who made the stars look like they’ve descended from Mount Olympus.

These highly skilled artists are responsible for the most iconic looks of our adored stars and can easily make us look like stunning celebs if we book them. VP Choice Awards is currently ongoing, but we’ve decided to enlist our choice for the top celebrity make-up artists who made waves in 2019. Scroll further to see our top picks and let’s celebrate all of them before the year ends. Watch out for our Hall of Famers.

1. Mark Qua

One of the best make-up artists in the country, Mark is known for his fashion-forward artistry.

2. Anthea Bueno

Anthea is a well-recognized name in the world of fashion and make-up. She’s known for setting up the skin trend that will give you a luminous, dewy skin.

3. Jelly Eugenio

Jelly is the person behind the looks of our President Nadine Lustre and 2018 Miss Universe Catriona Gray but he’s also known for well-crafted liners that will amp up your mesmerizing gaze.

4. Jason Delos Reyes

In the wake of Korean glass skin craze, Jason is the make-up artist who embraced and brought out the best in a morena skin in the likes of our global endorser Gabbi Garcia and Klea Pineda. After all, our tanned skin is envied by the western world.

5. Mayesa Delos Santos

Mayesa is well known for her super natural looking creations. Who doesn’t want a light and minimal effort look?

6.  Gery Penaso

Gery rose to popularity after he brought out his magic for 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, he then started weaving his magic for each and every creation he had.

7. Mikka Marcaida

Mikka is known for mixing glamour with the natural. She’s known for bringing out serious angelic vibes.

8. Mac Igarta

Mac is an artist who’s never afraid to be playful in his creations. He’s known for his dramatic transformations of KZ Tandingan.

9. Nikki Duque

Nikki is the daughter of the famed legend Ting Duque but she’s definitely out there to live up to the expectations and continue the legacy.

10. Rick Calderon

Rick became popular for bringing out the fresh and youthful glow in his clients. He’s the go to guy of the likes of Sunod star Carmina Villaroel.

11. Guilly Valenzuela

Recently featured in 24 Oras to set the trend in 2020, Guilly is known for his bravery and out of the box make-up style that you can fall in love with.

12. Marben Talanay

Marben is known for his versatility that can easily transform anyone in his chair. He’s the go to guy of Jessy Mendiola and Andrea Brillantes.

Anthea Bueno’s photo appeared as on Featured Image from Teviant
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