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VP/List: Creative Hairstylists Who Conquered 2019

VP/List: Creative Hairstylists Who Conquered 2019


With their eye-catching looks and flawless styling, our favorite celebs made headlines all year-round. They’ve become our eye-candy and our inspiration to be the best version of ourselves — but they didn’t do it just by themselves. They have their reliable on-call glam squad to make them gorgeous and cover worthy. We’ve featured our VP Choice of top make-up artists, but how about the celebrity hairstylists who made waves in 2019? As they say, hair is the crown that you can never take off, and it’s tresses before dresses. Let’s see who kept our favorite stars chic with their luscious hairstyles.  Scroll further to see our top picks and let’s celebrate all of them before the year ends.

1. Raymond Santiago

Raymond rose to popularity with his shampoo commercial hairstyles that is considerably world-class. He’s also the go to hairstylist of Anne Curtis.

2. Rj Dela Cruz

As the man behind the hair looks of Sarah Geronimo, he is renowned for doing light and breezy hairstyles. For him, the natural looking it is, the better.

3. Brent Sales

Brent is one of the pillars of the hair styling industry. Being a veteran that he is, he’s been the go to hairstylist Bea Alonzo and of 2018 Miss Universe Catriona Gray. He is the person behind the infamous earcuff reveal.

4. John Valle

One of the most sought after hairstylists in the country, he made us fall in love and crave for messy hair. For him, the more laid back it is, the sexier the total look is.

5. Mark Rosales

Mark is a true innovator after he introduced the hair and scalp scanning technology in the hair care industry. Having a growing list of A-list clientele, he was then dubbed as the Jen Atkin of the Philippines and has a hip and stylish salon named after himself Marqed Salon.

6. Renz Pangilinan

Renz loves to experiment in his hairstyle creations from extra-long high ponytails a la Ariana Grande to the classic old Hollywood glam. He is popularly tagged as the Chris Appleton of the country.

7. Jay Wee

Jay Wee is the man behind the gorgeous locks of Angel Locsin. Being a huge fan of sleek, polished look, he can easily be playful and recreate a tousled undone look.

8. Mark Familara

Mark is known for doing exquisite hairstyles just like the intricate yet complex braids of KZ Tandingan. Check out some of his most recent creations if you want to learn how to tame your dreaded baby hairs.

9. Aries Manal

Aries is known for giving a modern approach to a classic retro look. What sets him apart though is when he made us realize that wearing wigs don’t have to be unnatural and can also be flattering. He introduced his Wig business named as Hair on Point.

10. Chris Rodil

Chris is known to keep up with the high expectation of making the Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo‘s hair always fabulous. His versatility gives us an ultimate #hairspiration.

11. Buern Rodriguez

Buern is popular for being outlandish in his creations and the go-to person of Vice Ganda. His forward thinking techniques made him known as one of the most creative hair stylists in the country.


12. Mycke Arcano

Mycke is known to be fun yet so artistic and it can be seen in his vlog @mycketv. He’s gotten quite a following from his Youtube videos and up styling Vivoree Esclito.


13. Mike Feliciano

Mike is an Aeronautical Engineer but opted to be a creative after starting to do hairstyles for the likes of Julia Barretto and Kathryn Bernardo — that tells a lot about his passion. He has a notable portfolio that includes Star Magic stars Maris Racal and Loisa Andalio.

14. Antonio Papa

Antonio has a long list of celebrity A-listers and is known to do effortlessly chic hair and drool-worthy hairstyles.



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