Maintaining college friends even after graduation

Going through the rough years of college is made bearable with our friends. But what happens after college when we go on our separate ways?

Since we don’t see each other as often as in our college days, it takes extra effort to keep our college friends. Here are five simple ways in maintaining a good relationship with our college friends.

Keep the group chat alive

Keeping our friend gc alive is one of the best ways to keep in touch with our college friends. Back in our university days, the group chat would be filled with assignments inquiries, rants, and even celebrity gossip. This doesn’t have to change after graduation. 

Sending updates from time to time and checking on each other shows that we still care about our friends’ well-being even when we’re apart. Sharing memes is one effective way to laugh in the group chat. Even a simple greeting on how they are doing will mean a lot. Similarly, talking in the gc would still reflect a genuine connection amid busy schedules. Interacting in their posts on social media accounts can be a simple form of keeping connections. 

Make time for mini-dates

Nothing beats laughing and sharing stories with each other face-to-face! Making time for mini-dates with our college friends can be tough, considering the different life paths after graduation, but it is surely worth the time and effort. It doesn’t have to be expensive and extravagant. 

Mini-dates can be revisiting your favorite food hub or cafe during your university days. Talking over a cup of coffee is a refreshing break in the fast-paced world. If your friend group is into adventures, hiking or museum hopping can be a mini-date for you. With nature and artwork surrounding you, it will also reignite your carefree personality.

Lend a shoulder to cry on

Friends are for life and when things get tough, offering a should to cry on will ease a sad friend. The real world out there can be harsher than university life. Our friends might be having a hard time at work, getting burned out with toxic workmates, or losing themselves as they chase promotions.

Our married friends may also have experience hiccups with their relationships or still fumbling around being a parent. Lending a should to cry on will be helpful for our friends. Listening to them unburden their worries and giving them advice if they ask for them. Friendships don’t only exist in the fun moments, a real friend shows up in the worst times as your ally

Celebrate your college friends’ wins

As we mark new milestones, winning is sweeter when celebrated with our college buddies. It could maybe for a job promotion, a new baby on the way, an engagement, a master’s degree, a new house or a new car, or moving abroad.

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Being surrounded by a wonderful support system makes a healthy environment for any friend group. And as someone who saw how hard they fought for their dreams, celebrating their achievements would absolutely cheer a friend. Friendship is a two-way street and surely, when your time comes they will also be there for you to cheer. 

Attend their special occasions

Being present in their once-in-a-lifetime moments will mean a lot to any friend. As they enter the chapter of marriage and parenthood, your unwavering love and support would mean a lot to your friends. Beyond thesis and school requirements, they know that they can rely on you to be there for them on their big day.

Weddings and parenthood are a new avenue to them and seeing a familiar face rooting for them would tighten your friendship bond. As the godmother or godfather of their children, they trust and believe that you will give love and guidance to their bundle of joy. 

Making friends is easy, maintaining them is the hard part. Meeting someone who offers genuine friendship is worth making the effort for in keeping them with our lives.

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