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Katarina Rodriguez shares her life-changing water birth journey on Instagram

Katarina Rodriguez shares her life-changing water birth journey on Instagram

Undoubtedly, most mothers can agree that entering motherhood can be both the most exhilarating and scariest journey of their life. As they bring new life into the world, it’s not ordinary to encounter several hardships – but it will all be worthwhile in the end.

From your baby’s first grin until the time they open their eyes, mom’s love for them will be limitless.

On Sunday, Katarina Rodriguez shared her water birth journey on Instagram, posting a series of photos behind her labor. In her caption, she revealed how Robert Joaquin Rodriguez Barbers stole her heart as no one has before.

‘What’s the essence of a woman?’

The Miss World Philippines 2018 also looked back on her two-year straight pageantry venture, saying that she remembers practicing the question, “What’s the essence of a woman?” She claimed that was never really convinced of her own answer to this question, until the early morning of August 25, 2021.

Her labor experience made her realize the absolute and most genuine response — HER POWER.

Power to rule her mind and her body. Power to overcome pain that feels like death but in turn births life. The power to do whatever it is she puts her mind to.

‘A breath of fire’ experience

Moreover, she admitted how she dodged a bullet on her delivery, particularly from 2:30 am until 4:00 am. During that period, she had to do the breath of fire, counting to ten over and over again in her head.

Also, all throughout Katrina’s labor, her husband Niño Barbers accompanied her. As they held hands during her birthing, she professed that it felt like she partied all night then ran a marathon right after while having period cramps. Indeed, it tested her mental and physical strengths.

At 4:02 am after 3 and a half intense hours and one big push, my boy came swimming into our world.

Furthermore, she confirmed that Quino, a nickname she gave to her newborn baby, is a huge baby, weighing 3.8 kilograms.

She also expressed the kindness of Coleen Garcia Crawford, who lent her the birthing pool, which was delivered from Manila to Davao. Apart from that, Coleen also gave her some words of encouragement and shared her post-birth story. 

Katarina’s ‘My Water Birth Story’ vlog

On her YouTube channel, Katarina also uploaded a 6-minute vlog capturing her water birth story. The video started with a stirring scene, as viewers can hear a cry of a newborn baby. Additionally, it encapsulated her arduous experience, while she screams in pain with Niño holding her hand.

It also gives a heartwarming feels as the video took a moment of her pouring out a sigh of relief and a smile with her baby cuddled on her chest.

Meanwhile, some celebrity stars flooded her Instagram posts with their congratulatory messages.

Congratulations to the new parents, Katarina and Niño! All the best to your family!

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