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INUMAN NA: Types of Drunk People in Filipino Drinking Sessions

INUMAN NA: Types of Drunk People in Filipino Drinking Sessions

As Filipinos, there is always one thing we never forget to do whenever there is a party: inuman. During these drinking sessions, it is only natural to meet people from all walks of life. However, who are they once the alcohol and fun kick in? Do you want to know them while sober? 

Here are the types of drunk people that you will meet at every Filipino inuman session. 

The Moiras 

Usually, they are the ones who are always brokenhearted. Different inuman, different barkada, same love problems. And since they are overwhelmed with their hurt feelings, most of the time, they hog the karaoke. Sis, we know you have a situation, but this is not your solo concert! Pass the songbook, please. 

Photo | One Music PH
Edited by Franchesca Martin

The Tom Jones 

The Tom Jones drunks are a wonderful breed. During inuman, give them a sisig platter and the alcohol would not matter anymore! Nonetheless, that was never an excuse for them to not get drunk. Dionysus’ kids represent!

Photo | The Guardian
Edited by Franchesca Martin

The Diplomats

These are the ones who go international during inuman sessions. Out of nowhere, they will stand up, speak in English, and just proclaim things that nobody asked or is even talking about. So, if you are up for a debate, you know which way to go and who to look for, right?  

Photo | Manila Times
Edited by Franchesca Martin

The Mayoras 

These ones are always great to be with during an inuman session. When it comes to expenses, contributions, or even just random weekday night-outs, Mayora’s platinum cards will never be hidden. Expect that when Mayora is around, you will never run out of food and drinks on the table! 

Photo | Manila Times
Edited by Franchesca Martin

The Talk Show Hosts 

This type is Kris Aquino, Boy Abunda, Tyang Amy, Vice Ganda, and Vic Sotto rolled and mixed together to become a singular person. When this type of person gets drunk, that means that the inuman session is now on air. The non-stop chika will begin, harutan and corny jokes will start, the controversial Q and A segment will commence, and inevitably, tea will be spilled. When you are with them, a drinking session will definitely become a show! 

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Photo | Kami
Edited by Franchesca Martin

The Parentals

These are the type of drunk people who, no matter how intoxicated they are, they must take care of their fellow drunk friends. They will be down to hold somebody’s hair while they are throwing up, or even bring them home. You see, when there is an inuman and the Parentals are drunk, it is like the blind guiding another blind while crossing the street. If the Tom Jones drunks are the wonderful breed, the Parentals, on the other hand, are the incredible ones.

Photo | NewsKo
Edited by Franchesca Martin

The Untouchables 

Oh, everybody wishes they could be them. These are the type of people who drink and drink and drink… but never seem like even an ounce of alcohol is in their system. The side effects of drinking are unknown feelings for them. Even more, they never suffer from hangovers. Blessed kids, indeed! 

Photo | Pinoy Etchetera
Edited by Franchesca Martin

These are just some of the chaotic but amazing people that you will meet during inuman sessions. How about you? On which type do you think you belong?

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