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Huminga: A breather from synths

Huminga: A breather from synths

Similarities driven by critics with Taylor Swift’s then album, Folklore, and Evermore blanketed former IV of Spades Bassist, Zild Benitez with his change in musicality ranging with acoustic sounds and folk-rock feel. However, the latest album poured his own personality into his tracks engaged with endearing songwriting and captivating sound design.

Huminga: A breather from synths

A shift in the synth-pop sound, Zild’s 2021 project, Huminga exhibited his warm vocals backed with soft rock production. This album provided a hint of his fondness for the indie pop sound. Leaning mostly on acoustic guitars and a slow-paced backbeat, the project shows musical coherence, and can surely fit the rainy season ahead.

The album’s title track, Huminga covers the album’s purpose, a breather towards the harsh reality we live in. Keeping up with the current times has been harder and harder in the present condition, with the pandemic’s threat to health and upsetting isolation. The track served a taste of Fleetwood Mac engaged in the sound derived with soothing keys and a steady drum beat.

Far from Home… Work Machine

The former IV of Spades bassist exhibited his tone in different expressions and sonical directions. A much more personal work than his debut album, “Homework Machine” in 2020, which is filled with 8-bit chiptune scattered with multiple synthesizers and energetic vocals.

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This is closer to their sound as a band in IV of Spades which derives from synth-pop. While the case with the debut album cemented his taste in production, the project showcased his ability in songwriting with hits such as Dila and a personal favorite, Bakit.


Zild shared a taste of his own personal experiences in the album, with tracks such as Bungantulog and Kyusi. Showing an insight into dreams and reality. Though the case with the album’s character is positioned towards his own persona and life beyond his former band, the distinction between the two is highly aligned with his change of pace. The former album provided a more conventional sound and feels more claustrophobic with his profoundness of synth-heavy production.

While Huminga feels more open and one with nature. A free-flowing sound engaged in a more easy listening yet, never compromising his production quality. The album shifts his sound to a more dream-like perspective and reaches places that induce emotions, nostalgia, and personal awareness.

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