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OPINION: Top 3 Graduation Gift Ideas

OPINION: Top 3 Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation day is coming! We need to accomplish all of the tasks or requirements for us to be able to attend and be announced as graduate students of the 2021-2022 batch.

Basically, if there is a celebration or an accomplishment like this, that means we should provide something for ourselves as a token of appreciation. We have been through many hardships, and I believe we need to be somehow rewarded as a validation for our strenuous efforts.

Let me suggest to you my top 3 graduation gift ideas!

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The first one that popped into my mind is a mobile device. Being a tech-savvy person myself, a smartphone is a great idea for a graduation gift! Having a new device for a fresh graduate student is a great jumpstart for their career.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that some want the right kind of specs for their very particular needs. Think of the iPhone series, or if you are kinda short on the budget, you can look at any Xiaomi phone since they are not that pricey but also considers their specifications.

Fresh grads can use this new device for documenting the most awaited moment of their academic journey.

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A pair of shoes

Next one I thought of was shoes! Who doesn’t agree with this one? No one can resist new pair of shoes especially if they came from one of my favorite brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Sperry, etc. 

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You can never go wrong with cash

And if you run out of ideas, you can always go with cash! Uhm, tbh, for me, this will be the perfect gift. I want to have sufficient money to buy anything I want. If you can’t decide on what to give me, I can always find out on my own. So to everyone out there who’s thinking of what to give me for my graduation, might as well just give me this.

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