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Keeping Up With The Presidentiables


Keeping Up With The Presidentiables

While the news is all eyes on the president-elect, netizens just can’t resist keeping up with the presidentiables. The elections are indeed divisive and stressful. So to cope up with the post-election anxiety, these presidentiables continue their jobs, rest, and spend time with their families.

Keeping Up with Senator Manny Pacquiao

Senator Manny Pacquiao with his wife, Jinkee Pacquiao in Japan (Photo: Manny Pacquiao Official Facebook Page)

Senator Pacquiao immediately conceded and then immediately spent time with his family. The Pacquiaos traveled to Japan and attended church like they usually do every Sunday. He was not present in the Congress’ canvassing of votes but showed up during the last day of the 18th Congress.

What’s Up with Senator Ping Lacson

Senator Ping Lacson with his runningmate Senate President Tito Sotto. (Photo: Ping Lacson Official Facebook Page)

Senator Ping Lacson is retiring from politics. He immediately started packing up things and bonding with his grandchildren in Cavite. He also spoke a farewell speech on the last day of the 18th Congress and got a surprise birthday bash from his staff. Belated Happy Birthday, Sir!

What’s Up Yorme?

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso comforting an elderly fire victim in Baseco. ( Isko Moreno Domagoso Official Facebook Page )

Yorme Isko Moreno Domagoso also swiftly conceded to the president-elect and continue doing his job. Keeping up with Yorme seems hard because he is always busy. He is hands-on in responding to the needs of Manileños and was recently seen on the ground zero of the recent fire incident in Baseco. Aside from that, he also inspected ongoing projects of the city government like the Bagong Ospital ng Maynila and several housing sites.

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Keeping Up with VP Leni Robredo

VP Leni Robredo posing candidly with her daughters Aika, Dr. Tricia and Jillian. (Leni Gerona Robredo personal Facebook account)

VP Leni Robredo flew to New York to attend her daughter, Jillian’s graduation ceremony shortly after the thanksgiving party for her supporters. After bonding with her 3 daughters in New York, she distributed relief for the victims of Mt. Bulusan eruption in Sorsogon. Currently, the Office of the Vice President is busy with the transition of powers to the incoming VP.

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