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Here are five occasions when Beatrice Gomez wore Francis Libiran during her Miss Universe journey

Here are five occasions when Beatrice Gomez wore Francis Libiran during her Miss Universe journey


Francis Libiran, as everyone knows, is the one who designed the fiery red evening gown that Beatrice Luigi Gomez wore during the preliminary competition of Miss Universe 2021.

While the famed designer isn’t new to pageantry, it is, however, a different ballgame when we’re talking about Miss Universe. Since this is his first time to dress a candidate for the said pageant, the pressure is definitely on.

As the man behind the winning gowns of Kylie Verzosa and Megan Young, can Francis do it again, this time with Bea?

With only a day before the coronation, we decided to recap the times when Bea was seen wearing some of Francis’ beautiful pieces.

Look #1

Wearing a fuchsia silk crepe gown, Bea is absolutely radiant during her send-off and press conference for Miss Universe.

A clean-cut gown with a striking color, Francis describes it as an “unyielding sophistication for a graceful beauty”.

Look #2

Leaving in style, Bea is looking expensive and Israel-ready in her bespoke silver top and trousers.

Exclusively designed, the ensemble gives Bea a refreshing look, far from the typical outfits we’ve seen from her predecessors.

Look #3

Hoping to impress the judges, Bea made the right choice of using this intricately patterned gold coat for the closed-door interview.

A smart casual get-up with a mix of avant-garde, this reminds us of Kylie Verzosa’s San Agustin Church-inspired Terno for Miss International in 2016.

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Look #4

In Miss Universe, you always have to dress to impress, and Bea certainly did! At the time when the color of the year was announced, Bea sported a Very Peri corset which is a preview from Francis’ latest collection set to be launched in 2022.

Even if she just used this for rehearsals, Bea was nevertheless a showstopper, and she clearly understood her assignment.

Look #5

As already mentioned, Bea was a vision in this red gown. With a stellar performance, it is interesting to think about how Bea’s final gown would look like.

Kudos to Francis Libiran for helping to make our queen beautiful and we are confident that she’ll look her absolute best come pageant night.

Are you guys excited to cheer on Bea? Well, the live telecast of Miss Universe 2021 will be streaming through A2Z Channel 11 at tomorrow at 7:30 AM.

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