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Experts cite reasons why we should play sports

Experts cite reasons why we should play sports

With its dynamic and strategic nature, watching sports is entertaining. We love being kept on the edge of our seats while watching the game. Perhaps, some of us are fascinated and swooned by watching sports on television and witnessing our favorite players. Instead of living vicariously through those athletes in the game, why don’t we play sports ourselves? 

Some sports don’t require us to have athletic skills, as some are easy to pick up. From childhood, we played different sorts of games. They encouraged us to join several physical activities like badminton, volleyball, or running in school. It’s challenging yet fun. Moreover, playing a sport is way more beneficial than we can imagine. Health experts and research findings revealed the benefits of playing a sport. 

Experts cite reasons why we should play sports

Not everyone is into sports, but if you take the time to pick one that suits you, there are many benefits it might bring you. Health experts and research findings revealed the benefits of playing a sport. 

Sports strengthen physical health.

Most sports can make people physically active. It’s also another exercise that keeps the body and mind working. According to Leah Lagos, a renowned health psychologist, and Jaspal Ricky Sing, a physician, playing a sport impacts bodies positively. It can strengthen your bones, lower cholesterol, and decrease your chances of diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke. Also, sports that require moderate to vigorous movement are the best way to lose weight as it allows you to burn more calories. Moreover, a therapist posited, “Losing weight is a simple math equation–you need to burn more calories than you consume.” 

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Sports are good for mental health.

Playing sports is also beneficial to mental health. However, team sports have a more good impact than individual sports. Studies have shown that sports can help moderate stress, improve your mood, and help treat depression and even serious mental illnesses. In addition, it may teach you to be resilient, confident, and mentally tough as it involves accepting challenges and defeats. 

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Sports enhance social skills. 

Due to the social nature of playing sports, the benefits go beyond physical and mental. Playing gives you the chance to interact with others. Participation in team sports allows you to work on trusting, learning, and cooperating with others. It’s also the best way to make friends and strengthens your bond with friends or people you already know. As Michael Jonesco, a medicine specialist points out that the real benefits of sports come from social interaction, stress reduction, communication, and competition. 

Now you are armed with knowledge; it is up to you if you’re willing to experience the benefits it has to offer. If possible, you may need to consider consulting with your doctor first to ensure that you’re physically and mentally ready for any sports. Nevertheless, if you think you’re becoming less physically active, hopefully, this information will encourage you to see what sports can provide you. 

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