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Dog or Cat: Which is the right pet for first-time fur parents?

Dog or Cat: Which is the right pet for first-time fur parents?

Are you thinking of having a fur pet? Dog or cat? Which fur baby do you wish to have? If you are *confused* as to what kind of pet you should get, worry no more because we got you covered!

Of all the animals, humans consider dogs and cats to be the most friendly animals. According to statistics, over 470 million dogs are owned as pets, and 370 million cats are owned as pets globally. It is worth noting that this data was from 2018. So, imagine the massive increase it has possibly gotten after four years.

It’s heart fluttering to know that more and more people are seeing the importance of caring for dogs and cats as time goes by. Evidently, a bond between a man and an animal can be an effective support system.

Since dogs and cats have different needs and personalities, your lifestyle will have a bigger impact on your decision than your personal preference. Consider your level of activity, your space at home, the people you are living with, and how much time you can devote to a pet.

Is a dog the right pet for you?

Dog owners who have a front yard or easy access to parks and open spaces are the best candidates to care for dogs. It is because exercising is very important for them. Keeping a dog active prevents behavioral issues like excessive licking, barking, chewing, digging, and other anxiety-related behaviors while also keeping them healthy and nimble. A dog might be the ideal companion for you if you lead an active lifestyle.

Additionally, dogs are social animals. Therefore, you should think twice if you work full time or have a job that requires a lot of effort. Leaving a dog at home for a long duration is not ideal.

Making sure your dog is properly trained is another one of your responsibilities. Ideally, a dog should be taught ‘obedience’ while it is still a puppy. Regardless of their size, a dog may exhibit destructive behaviors if not properly trained. A well-trained dog can be taken on a variety of adventures without worrying about its behavior. While training your dog can be difficult, the benefits are well worth the effort.

Compared to cats, dogs are more affectionate. To express affection, dogs wag their tails or lick their owners. They are very expressive when it comes to their emotions.

You should also be mindful of the variations among the different dog breeds, which can vary in size, shape, temperament, and hairiness. In the end, if you give a dog the appropriate attention and care, you’ll be rewarded with a pet who will make a loyal and lovable companion for life.

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Is a cat the right pet for you?

If you want a pet but only have a small amount of indoor space and a busy schedule, a cat might be a better choice for you than a dog. Generally quiet animals, cats enjoy solitude. Cats often suit people who are less active because they don’t require exercise.

Photo | Yerlin Matu

Still, you have an option to let them exercise on their own. The multi-tiered “cat towers” available in pet stores are a good way to make sure that your cat will have plenty of areas to play and climb. Additionally, your cat gets exercise just from playing with you. A play positively stimulates a cat.

If cats are given food, a litter box, and toys, they can be content even without going outside. Cats still value social interaction even though they don’t typically exhibit tons of energy that dogs do. Despite their independent nature, they still need time and affection from their owners.

Cats are subtle creatures. They do not express their love overtly, but rather subtly. They lick you, show you their belly, and purr as they do it.

If you’re planning to purchase a pet, you might consider adopting one from shelters. Every adoptable dog or cat in a shelter is as cute and lovable as dogs and cats of imported breeds that are for sale. #AdoptDontShop

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