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Celebrating the Philippine Culture through Modern-Day Kundiman Songs

Celebrating the Philippine Culture through Modern-Day Kundiman Songs

The Philippines commemorates its 124th Independence this year. We have come a long way after breaking free from the chains of colonization more than a hundred years ago. All because of the valor of our national heroes, we now have a rich history, diverse culture, arts, and freedom from foreign occupation.

Nevertheless, after a long time of liberty our art, literature, and music remained intact. We may have adopted numerous external cultures; localized them but we still have our very own untouched culture. One of these includes our Kundiman Songs.

Classic Kundiman

Kundiman is the classic form of Filipino love song. It has become a traditional genre of love songs that originated as a way for Filipinos to express their undying devotion to the country. As time goes by, it became a means of serenade in the Philippines. With its smooth melody and gentle rhythm that entices listeners, Kundiman made its way into the lives of Filipinos.

Some of the most famous Kundiman singers and masterpieces include Bituing Marikit (1926) by Nicanor Abelardo, Minamahal Kita (1940) by Mike Velarde Jr., and Pakiusap (1921) by Francisco Santiago. These songs were surely used by your fathers and grandfathers to woo their partners before.

Modern-Day Kundiman

Although a lot of musical genres popped out every generation, Kundiman still made its way to modern-day Filipino musical landscape. The classic genre proved its timeless appeal to its listeners as it progressed into the modern-day Kundiman. It did not break away from its original definition. It is still a love song made for everyone.

From its extremely emotional and soulful vibe, Kundiman became a highly evolved piece of modern art. It now caters to the younger generation. Also, it keeps up with the music trend in the international landscape.

Kundiman of the 20th Century

By definition, there are a lot of songs with a kundiman touch nowadays. One of the songs includes Binibini by Zack Tabudlo. It was released last March 2021 and since then gathered a lot of streams. The young artist shared in a press release that the song is about a mutual connection between two people. In any situation the two find themselves in, they will always be there for each other.

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Another song delivered like a kundiman is Paraluman by Adie. Released last March 2021, it became his breakout song that lined among top tunes on Spotify Philippines last year. The singer revealed that the song is about a girl he dreamt of that stuck in his mind. She, according to him, can be perfectly described as the word Paraluman.

Filipino arts and culture have been evolving and adapting to their constant-changing scenes. Artists like Zack Tabudlo and Adie that incorporates a touch of Kundiman into their songs prove that this genre will thrive for another hundred years.

The Philippines achieved its freedom exactly 124 years ago today. The prospering of classics in the modern era is one of little evidence that ascertains the bravery of our heroes did not go to waste.

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