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Megan, a queen that stays forever Young

Megan, a queen that stays forever Young

Those who have hope are forever young. Those who possess beauty on the inside, as well as the outside, will forever be gorgeous. Anyone who progresses constantly will forever be beautiful. Get to know Megan Young, the lady whose beauty and kindness keep her looking and feeling young. Witness what it’s like to be forever young through her drive, wit, and bravado.

She did not merely mature into a lady with the beauty of a queen. Rather, she matured into a lovely and genuine lady who was true to herself and grew up knowing her purpose. You can see the lights surrounding her— from a gamer, artist, and beauty queen—her light will never flicker. She will forever shine bright because she is a burning fire.

Megan, a queen that stays forever Young

Tapestry of valor and love

Everyone knew Megan Young was destined for greatness from the moment she mastered the language. Her mission to conquer the world was there everywhere she went, written in words, but only she could read it. And, there she made her choice to join in the fight for the world and all creation. She took the lead and they named her queen. Indeed, she was a tapestry of valor and love, crafted by the hands of the master craftsman.

The sound of her heels, the tiara, and the sashes. 

Megan, winning the title of Miss World in 2013, proves that she has the looks, the brains, and the guts to become the beauty queen. Conquering the throne of Miss World is no easy feat, but she stays cool as peppermint, embodying an ice queen of her kingdom. Nothing can stop her—not even a swirling storm—from getting a head start on the battle and working hard to win the title.

A queen who has led an empire into battle and fathomed the limitless. She successfully fought for and won the elusive blue crown in her fortress. She becomes a beauty queen who has the power to take over the world with the sound of her heels, the tiara, and the sashes. And, just like her crown, she lights up like a diamond in the dead of the night.

Royalty at the very core

She has an aura of nobility about her as if she were born from royalty—which, who knows, maybe she really is. Megan is her own brand of royalty, one who considers herself “simple” and who would much rather wear jeans, T-shirts, and sneakers than high heels and fancy dresses. She is, at her core, an ambitious person who has a huge heart and grand wishes. Megan is a magnificent woman, a fearless one at that. 

A gaming queen

There’s more to her than meets the eye: this beauty queen isn’t afraid to put her tiara down and get some serious gaming action every once in a while. She’s always had a love for video games but kept it private before due to the stigma attached to it. This is especially true for someone who has the ring of a title on her finger and is expected to conform to certain norms. But, in gaming, she finds time to relax when she’s not busy being a beauty queen.

I’d like to say that I was a gamer first, so, actually, the better question is ‘How did a gamer become a beauty queen?’

And, just like in the game of chess, the queen is the strongest piece as Megan is in real life. This is because the queen can attack more pieces and squares than any other piece. With it, no one can foresee her next move. Putting a savvy queen in the company of so many alluring players in a deceptive game can only end in success.

She is rescued by her own efforts all the way which guides her to euphoria and beyond. This yet again proves that she is a complete monarch deserving of the blue crown on her head. In a world full of spectators, she is a player. She’s not just a queen, she’s a gaming one, too.

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A hymn of hope fills the world

All eyes are on her as she walks down the streets because they see the hope and light she brings. The crown atop her head is dazzlingly visible to all and as she walks in, everyone looks at the carpet of gold. She is a warrior queen who exudes grace and hope, and everyone can see it because it is not an easy step to go from being a carefree gamer to being a bold and courageous queen. But, despite the transition, the resounding success is heard, a hymn of hope instantly fills the world.

A queen with a king at her side

She gives off the impression of being an independent and headstrong queen—a young woman who runs the world on her own wheels. She always has something up her sleeves in case her aspirations to make her kingdom the best become too much to bear. And, she never fails to come up with a brilliant scheme. More than that, though, she counts the day when she had her King as one of the most beautiful times of her life. A king by the name of Mikael Daez.

Just like a real royal wedding, theirs was also one for the books. The difference is that it was a very simple wedding with no expectations other than the fact that they were finally committing to the person they were destined to be with. With that said, she is a queen with a king at her side. 

Megan Young is the type of lady that always has a smile on her face and a love for life. She is the epitome of what it means to be “forever young.” A queen of the world who is intelligent, beautiful, amiable, gentle, and caring – both for herself and others. A queen ready to lead a war for the people she cares about; a queen who hopes for what’s better. 

In a world that ages and demands so much from many people, Megan is definitely a queen that stays forever young.

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