Best movies to watch before Meg 2

We’re back, and you know the drill! Prepare for another read that will ignite your cinematic cravings and keep you glued to the screen all night long. There’s something irresistible about creature features, those thrilling tales where monstrous beings dominate the silver screen. When movies like The Meg swim our way, we gobble them up, eagerly diving into the intensity of discovery and the exhilarating chase of these otherworldly creatures. The colossal monstrosity of the megalodon, in particular, has always fueled our wildest imaginations.

Now, as The Meg unveils the trailer for its highly anticipated sequel, we’re about to unleash a selection of movies that will deliver the same pulse-pounding thrills and danger akin to its predecessor. Few films can immerse you in heart-stopping action quite like it does. So, before the new megalodon feature reels you in, traps you within its jaws, and forces you to confront your darkest fears once again, allow these movies to whet your appetite for more. Get ready to feast on the best movies to watch before Meg 2 that will leave you hungry for the next spine-tingling adventure.

Best movies to watch before Meg 2

Shin Godzilla (2016)

Shin Godzilla | Indiewire | Image

The next film on our list is an absolute favorite and undoubtedly the finest Godzilla movie since its inception. Shin Godzilla takes center stage, placing a group of scientists and politicians in a heated debate on how to confront the looming descent of Japan caused by the iconic monster. As Godzilla undergoes rapid evolution, the government initiates bold military and diplomatic actions. This film expertly melds the horror of the creature with its profound impact on humanity.

Prepare to witness a Godzilla unlike any you’ve seen before. This cinematic marvel and its creepy metamorphosis will leave you on the edge of your seat. Yet, beyond its terrifying presence, the movie brings a breath of fresh air to the Kaiju universe, encompassing captivating elements beyond the monstrous thrills. Remarkably, the seamless integration of political satire and awe-inspiring monster spectacle never ceases to amaze.

The Host (2006)

The Host | IMDb | Image

It strikes me as odd that Bong Joon-ho’s film The Host rarely appears on the list when we discuss creature features. In this film, we witness the creation of a gigantic mutated amphibian creature through the dumping of gallons of toxic waste into the river. As chaos ensues among the populace, the creature snatches away someone’s daughter. While the film contains elements of a monster film and a family drama, its primary focus lies in delivering overarching social commentaries that feel familiar.

The monster portrayed in this film is a nightmarish creation! Initially, it slyly hangs from the underside of a bridge. However, what’s shocking is that it doesn’t only swim, crawl, and hop but also swings as it pleases! Just imagine being pursued by such an amphibian horror in broad daylight! Interestingly, unlike conventional monster films that employ the “Jaws effect” of delayed surprise, this film stands out for its lack of subtlety, contributing to its distinction. It is a story that unabashedly exposes the audacity of evil.

Troll (2022)

Troll | Netflix | Image

The film is a deserving creature feature that often flies under the radar. The story revolves around a girl and her father who shared a deep belief in the old tales of trolls. Fast forward twenty years, and the girl has become a paleontologist. When a dormant troll awakens after millennia, she reconnects with her father and rediscovers her lost imagination. Troll serves as an excellent introduction to foreign mythologies, particularly trolls of Scandinavian folklore.

It provides generous folk knowledge on these mythical beings. What sets it apart is its exploration of how these folklore myths relate to their history, rather than solely focusing on their destructive nature. The movie delves into an account of trolls, bringing them to life with both sympathy and emotional depth. It portrays the massive troll as more than just a ruthless and mindless agent of chaos and destruction; instead, it presents a creature that finds itself lost in a world where it no longer belongs.

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Crawl (2019)

Crawl | The New York Times | Image

Alligators, along with sharks, are creatures of the water that instill dread when one encounters a body of water. We understand that many of you have already watched Lake Placid, so we have something fresh in store. In Crawl, we see a woman who becomes trapped beneath a massive hurricane as she searches for her father. With nowhere else to turn, she finds herself facing the invasion of alligators amidst the floodwaters. Imagine the suffocating craze of being confined inside a supposed sanctuary that has now become a prison.

There is an eerie quality to hungry alligators. While they may appear harmless from a distance, confronting them up close in an extremely discomfiting circumstance will undoubtedly send shivers down your spine. The odds are heavily stacked against the family as they bear grueling adversities amidst the raging storm. Ultimately, Crawl is one of the best movies to watch if you want a delightful and consistently tense experience that will undoubtedly set your heart racing.

Tremors (1990)

Tremors | Letterboxd | Image

Let’s conclude this article with a timeless gem. Given our overwhelming exposure to the terrors lurking beneath the ocean’s depths, why not delve into the horrors of the desert? Tremors take us on a journey alongside two laborers situated just beyond the remote and minuscule town of Nevada. Their serenity is disrupted when they stumble upon colossal subterranean worms. Understanding the perils that arise once these worms spiral out of control, they must assist the town’s inhabitants in enduring, opposing the worms, and breaking free from their entrapped valley.

Prepare to witness the true horrors concealed within desolate deserts. The sense of seclusion and scorching sun permeate throughout, and with skimpy establishments to seek refuge, what could serve as a more appropriate stage for a monstrous fiction? While Tremors didn’t quite reach the artistic prowess of Jaws, it emanated the successful formula of an iconic horror masterpiece. The worms themselves are exquisitely crafted, bearing the marks of ridiculous and meticulous creativity. It’s a fun watch and a necessary one for those who loved The Meg!

Before you leave us, let’s watch the newest trailer of Meg 2: The Trench!

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