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Benefits Of Vertical Dual Monitors For Graphic Designers And Creatives

Benefits Of Vertical Dual Monitors For Graphic Designers And Creatives

If you are here, you are most likely a graphic designer or a creative. If you aren’t already using a vertical dual monitor, you are missing out on many things. Vertical dual monitors are becoming more popular among graphic designers and creatives because of their many advantages. A common monitor that will help you maximize its benefits is the Geminos dual monitor with stand. Not only is the monitor sleek, but it also contains a high resolution for cleaner and clearer images as well as a 24-inch screen. 

But before getting into the Geminos, let’s look at what a vertical dual monitor is. 

What is a Dual Monitor?

A vertical monitor is straightforward. It is simply a monitor in portrait view. Most monitors, or at least most in the last decade, were horizontal and widescreen. However, vertical monitors help you see your content in portrait view. 

What about dual monitors? The presence of ‘dual’ means that the monitor has two screens stacked on top of each other in a vertical form. Instead of having two monitors standing side by side, you can save more space by having the two screens stacked on top of each other in a vertical position. 

So what is a vertical dual monitor? It is a group of two monitors that are designed to stand taller than the regular landscape monitors. Hence, the two monitors are vertical, showing your content in portrait mode. 

Benefits of a Vertical Dual Monitor

What are the advantages of a vertical dual monitor for graphic designers and creatives? Before going into the list, you must understand what elements are important to a graphic designer and creative. The elements that cannot be substituted include resolution, space, and a large screen. 

  • As a graphic designer or creative, you’d work with a lot of colors. But it’s not just that. You need the colors on the screen to be as close as possible to the colors on the paper when you print it out. That is why resolution, or rather, a high-resolution monitor, is important. 
  • Creatives usually work with a lot of tabs and documents. This happens during research, organizing, or even the creation of mood boards. In that case, a small space will lead to clutter in no time, which eventually leads to decreased productivity, the possibility of mistakes, and lower efficiency. 
  • Graphic designers and creatives would always need to preview their work to see the whole picture before going back into the specific details. This means that there is an urgent need for large screen space. 

Now that you know the important elements for these computer users, what are the features of the vertical dual monitor that will benefit graphic designers and creatives?

It has a large screen space

Two screens are bigger than one. The Geminos vertical dual monitor can allow you to merge the preview. That way, you won’t be seeing two screens. All your content can be previewed on the entire 24-inch screen. If that is not a large screen, what is?

It provides the opportunity to multi-task

The two screens allow you to work on one while using the second monitor for something else. You no longer have to go back and forth through multiple tabs. You can watch a YouTube tutorial video and work at the same time. 

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It improves accuracy

Since you no longer have to go back and forth on the tabs, you are less susceptible to mistakes. Also, there is less chance that you could close a tab by error; which can be annoying. You can worry less about remembering what you saw in the previous tab. Why? Because you’ll be looking at both screens at the same time. 

It saves time

If you no longer have to scroll through multiple tabs countless times, you could save 2 hours on your work. That’s more time to either edit your work or make it even better. You can finish your work faster when you use a vertical dual monitor. 

You can keep your work organized

Finally, graphic designers and creatives work with order. If everything is clustered, the flier, book cover, or even the design can always look better than it is meant to. Just as the work needs to be ordered, your workspace should be too. Remember that your work environment determines how productive you’ll be. The vertical dual monitor not only gives you more space on the monitor but also on your desk. Since there are two monitors stacked on top of each other, your table will recognize only one monitor. Hence, you’ll have more free space. 

If you haven’t already jumped on board, you must do so today and fast. As a graphic designer or creative, the benefits are overwhelming. The best part is that the Geminos vertical dual monitor does not require any technical knowledge to set it up. Simply open up the computer and turn it on. Then use any of the connectivity ports to connect your laptop, and the rest is a breeze.

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