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Be mesmerized by singer-vlogger Kristel Fulgar

Be mesmerized by singer-vlogger Kristel Fulgar


For quite a time, former ‘Goin Bulilit’ star Kristel Fulgar have been making waves in the vlogging scene with her singing advantage, amazing sense of humor, and ability to relate to her audience.

The 25-year-old performer is killing it with her song covers that showcase her vocal prowess. She is a staple in the local trending scene with her timely renditions of famous and classic songs.


Moreover, her interesting set of friends add up to her equally energetic content which no doubt explains her million-mark in number of subscribers and fans!

Most of her entertaining videos include her kulitan and bonding moments with one of her best girl friends Sue Ramirez, who also exudes a hilarious vibe, connecting them with their supporters and making them feel as though their friends as well.

Kristel is definitely more than meets the eye. She’s talented, charismatic, and above all a people-person. A celebrity like her deserves the attention she’s getting!

Many are also shipping her with Yohan Kim, the CEO of Face Republic, a popular skincare and makeup brand in Korea. Netizens admire their closeness and display of affection online. The two have met a few times already and Yohan have appeared in Kristel’s vlogs as well.

Aside from being busy with her own channel, she is now enjoying the hit social media platform TikTok too, along with her friends here and abroad.

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