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ASUS Partners with Microsoft for Windows 11 Upgrade

ASUS Partners with Microsoft for Windows 11 Upgrade

ASUS recently announced that it has partnered with Microsoft. This partnership will allow hundreds of compatible ASUS devices to receive a free upgrade to Windows 11 as soon as it becomes available. Of course, this includes the latest Zenbook models. ASUS remains an internationally respected and trusted manufacturer of Windows PCs. They also feel proud to be a leading proponent of Windows 11. The new upgrade also became the forthcoming latest version of the world’s most popular operating system. In preparation for this exciting launch, ASUS readies a raft of new and existing devices for a free upgrade to Windows 11.

ASUS Partners with Microsoft for Windows 11 Upgrade

ASUS Partners with Microsoft for Windows 11 Upgrade

From today, all newly-purchased ASUS Windows 10 devices that are featured on our upgrade list, along with many existing eligible ASUS Windows 10 devices, will qualify for an upgrade after Windows 11 is released. As an example, both existing users and new purchasers of Zenbook Pro Duo 15 OLED (UX582), Zenbook Duo 14 (UX482), Zenbook Flip 13 OLED (UX363), and Zenbook 13 OLED (UX325) models will all be eligible for an upgrade. So, prospective buyers can buy today safe in the knowledge that a free upgrade is just around the corner.

Hundreds of other ASUS models that shipped with Windows 10 will also qualify for a free upgrade to Windows 11, including ProArt Studiobook, Zenbook, and Vivobook laptops, ROG Strix, ROG Zephyrus, and ROG Flow gaming laptops, and TUF Gaming laptops and desktops. Many ExpertBook laptops and ExpertCenter desktops will also be eligible, along with many Zen AiO and Vivo AiO models and ASUS Mini PCs. For full details of qualifying models, please visit this link.

Windows 11: Get a fresh perspective

With the upcoming launch of Windows 11, Microsoft is set to introduce a new Windows experience that will bring users closer to the people and things they love. For more information on this new update,  go to the Windows blog.

Prepare to upgrade: Simple steps to ready ASUS PCs for the new operating system

Windows 11 isn’t here yet, but it will be coming later this year. We know that users of ASUS devices will be excited by this prospect, and would wish to prepare for its arrival. There are a number of things owners can do in order to get ready.

  • See if a PC can upgrade

Use the PC Health Check app to see if an existing PC meets the requirements to run Windows 11. If so, it is possible to get a free upgrade after it starts to roll out. Please visit this link.

  • Shop for a new PC

Need a new PC now? Great! ASUS has an extensive range of Windows 10 PCs that can upgrade for free after Windows 11 rolls out. For the full range of ASUS PCs, please visit this link.

See Also

  • Perform a PC backup

It’s so much easier to transfer to a new PC when files and photos from a current PC are backed up to OneDrive.

Please note that the upgrade rollout plan is being finalized and is scheduled to begin late in 2021 and continue into 2022.  Specific timing will vary by device.

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