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Asian Baby Girl aesthetic breaks stereotypes of a traditional Asian woman

Asian Baby Girl aesthetic breaks stereotypes of a traditional Asian woman

Recently, we saw Julia Barretto transform herself into an Asian Baby Girl. This made a lot of people raise the question, “What the hell is an Asian Baby Girl aesthetic?” If you’re a younger millennial or a Gen Z, you probably know what an ABG is. Typically known for their big eyelashes, defined brows, dark clothing, and dyed hair, an Asian Baby Girl has a certain allure, a promise of having a social circle, and living a carefree life. Although generally regarded with negative connotations, there are consistent factors: the aesthetics, lifestyle, and what to drink – boba.

Photo from Julia Barretto

The Asian Baby Girl aesthetic

The Asian Baby Girl is, first and foremost, Asian. It could either mean the female offspring of Asian parents or some badass Asian who follows a specific lifestyle and fashion style. During pre-coronavirus times, you’d catch her in a black bandeau at every rave. She’s hot and she’s feminine. They tend to have piercings and a beautifully-crafted tattoo sleeve. She also has a distinct Instagram account that remains its chic and professional sophistication.

Unfortunately, the term Asian Baby Girl might seem derogatory to those not well-acquainted with it. Sometimes, people use the term degradingly. They use it to call a woman who fits the description and intend to prejudge her as a slut or easy-to-get. Thankfully, a true Asian Baby Girl claims the term and remains an unapologetic beauty with brains. Although ABGs look like they party all the time, they are true girl bosses who work hard in their career or the path towards it.

Photo from oh no nina

Breaking the stereotypes of a traditional Asian woman

Some people put ABGs in such high regard, thinking how these women remain out of their leagues and would marvel at their presence. Meanwhile, some people would pursue them, believing that they fit in an ABG’s standards. An ABG is badass and loyal. She would jump at anyone who would talk bad about them or their fellow ABG.

Much like any stereotype, the term Asian Baby Girl remains harmless as long as one doesn’t rely on preconceived notions about another without getting to know them personally first. A traditional Asian woman has always been thought of as meek, quiet, and submissive. For an Asian female to uphold a lifestyle, especially the opposite of centuries-long traditions and expectations, is a significant change, as well as the willingness of people to embrace that transition.

Photo from Ericka Oblepias

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