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This Pinoy doctor explains your constant headache

This Pinoy doctor explains your constant headache


In a previous episode of GMA Public Affairs’ Pinoy MD program, one curious netizen asked Dr. Dave Ampil II about her experience of constant headache for two months now. If you are feeling this too, his diagnosis was it could be a chronic headache.

Depending on what causes it, the cure for chronic headache might vary. He explained that it could be something as simple as a tension headache brought about my muscle strain in the head, or you might have a problem with your eye sight. However, there are also other causes that could implicate serious complications, including hypertension, brain or eye sight problems.

Given that people are more inclined to work from home during this pandemic, they are exposed to the harmful effects of too much screen time. This might also be the reason why you’re getting migraines and recurring nuisances.

Nevertheless, if one is suffering from constant headache, they are urged to consult a neurologist for proper examination and diagnosis.  

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