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Ashes to Crumbz: Crumbz Continuous Journey to Success

Ashes to Crumbz: Crumbz Continuous Journey to Success

Starting up a business is a business on its own. It is a methodical process that requires deep and concise plans in order to successfully launch a business. For a humble business like Crumbz, it was also a hard and rocky start for them. However, due to owners’ eagerness and determination, the SME now has its own identity. 

Humble Beginnings

First started on July 29, 2020, Crumbz’s journey to success was not an easy road ahead. The business was initially first launched as an SME producing baked products such as cookies and cupcakes. However, since locals of the Philippines are only used to vanilla and chocolate flavors, They went outside the box and tried different flavors. 

It was a tedious and slow start for Crumbz in their first month. The business has no Return on Investment (ROI) in its first month due to several trials needed in producing a quality product for its consumers. 

As previously mentioned, the business initially started offering cookies and cupcake products. However, due to several requests from relatives and close friends, Crumbz started to produce cakes for the first time. Eventually, It focused on producing cakes and dropped its initial plans of offering cookies and cupcakes.

Photo | Crumbz

Crumbz Fit for Royalty

Crumbz’s cake is a guaranteed delicious treat for any occasion. With a mission of giving the highest quality product, Crumbz is determined to deliver and produce the best quality cake fit for any event. 

Crumbz offers a wide array of flavors in their cakes. To gain an advantage ahead of its competitors, they occasionally offer flavors that most SMEs do not have. To also ensure it is up to maximum standard, they use 100% pure ingredients rather than using artificial ones. For instance, if the customer wants a strawberry-flavored cake, they will buy fresh strawberries in the market and turn it into somewhat a jam-like texture. 

It also assures its customers to provide the best service to them. They offer to help every customer who is still undecided or confused about the design and flavors they want for the cake. 

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Crumbz Across the Map

Despite Crumbz’s shaky start, the business now looks to expand its numbers. As of writing, They are indeed in a much better position right now than in its first year of launch.

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Positive reviews, local market penetration, advertisement, and being featured in the Philippine Virtual Expo have helped them to earn five figures in net profit per month. 

Photo | Crumbz

The owner is a current student at Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Sta. Rosa campus. Her busy schedule would prevent her from producing cakes full time. But despite her busy schedule, their sales are still high. 

The buzz regarding Crumbz has reached Laguna’s nearby provinces. They were able to cater several 1st birthdays with setup and wedding events. They have also delivered cakes across Manila, Calamba, and Cavite. 

Photo | Crumbz
Crumbz has been a go-to cake-producing SME for people around Greater Manila. Their journey started stiffly. However, through hard work and perseverance, Crumbz rises and is now in its sweet spot. Let us all continue supporting all SMEs across the Philippines.

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