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VP/Exclusive | Neil Padilla Exceeds Expectations

VP/Exclusive | Neil Padilla Exceeds Expectations

Living up to the legacy of your clan remains an uphill battle. Let alone if it’s a Padilla we’re talking about. In the entertainment industry, royalty exists. And, the name usually precedes the celebrity. So far, Neil Padilla continues to face this predicament. He proves his mettle and fights for his own space. The shiny exterior of fame often hides the fact that proving yourself requires long hours of dedication and commitment. Slowly, as an influencer from Cebu, Neil paces himself as he capitalizes on the power of social media.

VP/Exclusive | Neil Padilla Exceeds Expectations

As of now, he continues to contemplate whether or not to start acting. Celebrity life can become all-consuming, yet so rewarding. Of course, many celebs can attest to this. Neil might not even need his last name to become famous. Recently, he takes social media by storm. Of course, with his irresistible appeal and magnetic looks. His name might be a dead ringer to Daniel Padilla. But, he has his own charm that will make you an instant avid follower. Blame it on his expressive eyes and innocent smiles.

On being an influencer.

Social media can be a double-edged sword. Although a lot of people validate themselves through social media, some fall into depression when they don’t receive the engagement they hoped for.

Since the youth is mostly hooked on social media, I want to be an influence that [reminds them that] ‘Hey! You can be real. You can be who you want to be just by being yourself and by loving who you are.'”

I’m not the type who gets hooked by the looks alone. But after seeing Neils posts, I’m now a fan and who wouldn’t be? He might even be molded from an Oriental Deity. Plus, he’s so creative and fun to watch.

The difference about being an influencer is that you can be as authentic as you can be. You can even explore your creativity and have fun.”

There’s a good reason for his massive following and brands are noticing.

I want the people who are following me to relate to me. It’s pandemic but we can’t just sulk and be depressed. We have to find a way to smile and be happy. I want them to be inspired by that.”

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On what to expect.

According to him, he’s just enjoying what he’s doing. Recently, he endorsed his aunt’s cafe which he frequently goes to. He also had a campaign shoot for a hotel brand in Metro Manila. Slowly, Neil makes a name for himself and continues to mark some territory. This chill and the laidback guy seems to know what he wants. His Tiktok videos may be shallow to some. But, it serves as inspiration and entertainment for others. Can an average Joe who has a celebrity bloodline be the next big star that he is destined to be? Only time will tell. As for now, let’s all melt and make our hearts content with his drooling content.

Get to know Neil Padilla better through his  Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

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