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VP/Xclusives: Alexa Miro Slaying Her Most Authentic Self as an Actress

VP/Xclusives: Alexa Miro Slaying Her Most Authentic Self as an Actress

Starting as a dreamer and now a female actor, dreams truly have no boundaries. In conquering the cutthroat world of entertainment, Alexa Miro dares to pursue her passion while being her most authentic self as an actress.

We may know her because of the controversy about her love life. But little did you know she is more than what you expect.

Alexa Miro’s Humble Beginning

At a very young age, Alexa knows that acting is what she wants. One of her greatest influences in starting her journey as an actress is her mother. Her mother was an amazing professional singer during her prime. Indeed, “it’s in the blood”

“When I was a baby and she’d carry me in her arms while rehearsing for a show or an event, she would play this song called ‘How Could An Angel Break My Heart‘ and apparently it made me cry. It took her by surprise so she tested whether it was the song that really made me sad. So, she played the song and suddenly hit pause. I stopped crying. And then when she played it again, I cried once more. That’s when she knew I understood the feeling of the song even as an infant. She said I liked humming to other tunes as well and moved my body as if I were dancing to upbeat songs“, as she shares her precious memory.

At the age of 3 or 4 years old, she discovered her love for performing such as singing and dancing whenever and wherever she had a chance. According to her, she always had a theatrical side, and showing it in front of small or large audiences was a fulfillment for her as a kid,

“I know that performing arts is the one thing i’ll always want to do. It’s my one true calling and I am immensely blessed to be in this industry now. Hopefully until I turn old & grey, my career will keep filling my life with color.”

Alexa on her love for performing

Alexa did not let go of her passion as she keeps improving it through the years. She competed in many talent contests, joined a theater club, and even took up Film and Media Production as her major in college.

More than becoming a star, she also focuses to pursue her studies. Alexa has finished her college at De La Salle University with a Communication Arts degree.

When she was finishing the program, she had also become a television commercial model. Alexa did projects with RCBC, Maxi-Peel, Clover, Smart, Wilkins, Rebisco, and many more.

However, a blessing was waiting for her. Back in 2018, she was cast in the Valentine special for Jollibee “Signs”, directed by Direk Theodore Boborol. He officially opened doors for her dream and offered her a role in a teleserye “Araw Gabi”, a hit-tv series with JM De Guzman & Barbie Imperial.

Alexa took the role of Jessica, one of Barbie’s two best friends. Aside from taking the role, she has also worked with incredible actors such as Ara Mina, Vina Morales, Raymond Bagatsing, Rita Avila, Arlene Muhlach, Eric Nicolas, and Jane Oineza, RK Bagatsing, Ysabel Ortega, Ivana Alawi, Paulo Angeles, Victor Silayan, Josh Colet and many more.

This was her first milestone and a stepping stone as she fully enters the world of showbiz.

Before being a woman marking her journey in acting, Alexa was a child with a bit of a rough but colorful childhood.

She was an unica hija who grew up with her mother, uncles, and cousins. Alexa was a rose among the thorns, as she would play with her boy cousins. It was playing stuff like basketball, play station, toy cars, and action figures. She even remembered punching one of her cousins just so he’d play Barbie dolls with her.

It is indeed a happy childhood just picturing her story as a young Alexa. However, it was not all rainbows and butterflies for her. As a child, an unfortunate experience happens.

“Why did I say it was rough? Honestly it’s a sensitive topic for me but when my dad was in the picture, we were pretty dysfunctional. No kid should ever experience all that emotional damage and trauma and yet it’s happened to a lot of us. Ultimately that led to me having somewhat of a low self-esteem growing up.”

Alexa on the traume she has experienced as a kid

As she carries her struggles, she did not escape the cruelty that comes with it. Back then, she got heavily bullied from middle school up to her freshman year in college. Back then she did not know how to stand up for herself. Also, the presence of validation and acceptance was a must to her peers.

Growing up doing her craft, Alexa also slays her authentic self and life as an actress in this generation.

Always committed and determined to her passion, that is how Alexa Miro is. According to the actress, she never comes to the set unprepared. She always makes sure she is fully prepared for the project by knowing and researching it.

“I also 99% of the time never say no, meaning, I never back down on a challenge. Whether I’m asked to do something I’m knowledgeable about or it’s something I haven’t done before, you can trust that I’m more than willing to do it. I’ve been told I pick up instructions very quickly and I can easily adjust to sudden corrections or new ideas” said Alexa

The actress describes her personality as a fully committed one, especially in the craft that she loves. It’s 100 percent or nothing for her.

Despite being a newbie in the industry, Alexa did not hold back on going beyond her dreams.

From being a tv commercial model, getting supporting roles, working with her dream director Erik Matti in my first lead role, and now a permanent host in a comedy noontime show, it is indeed a rollercoaster journey. Her journey and her status right now is her greatest achievement so far.

Alexa’s skills and pure talents are commended by the directors. It is also the reason why she always keeps her foot on the ground. Her growth is molded by challenges and her experiences keep her humble.

Currently, at 26 years old, Alexa is slaying her way as she makes her dream into a reality as a new breed in Philippine showbiz. More than being just a headline, she is a gem to watch out for in the world of entertainment. In this Village Pipol Exclusive, we will get to know more about the true Alexa Miro, as she shares her ambitions, lessons, and her upcoming projects.

Aside from acting do you like something other than that and why do you like doing that?

Alexa: “If I were to pursue a different career it would be psychology/psychiatry. Back when I was a sophomore in college I remember wanting to shift courses because I wanted my future job to be bigger than just what I love doing. Having been bullied all those years, i’ve known what it’s like to not have a voice and to feel terribly misunderstood. Little did I know a few years later, I would suffer a mental health condition. I got diagnosed with clinical depression – leading to bipolar disorder. I went to therapy for 8 months and got cured. Having surpassed that I now have a bigger purpose should I pursue becoming a doctor. I’ve always loved helping people and I want to do exactly that given the chance.”

Being an actress, what are your greatest strengths in the industry?

Alexa: “Tenacity, humility, and work ethic. I think these three qualities I hold are my strengths because one might have the right look, or be equipped with talent but if you are not persistent and determined, that will lead you nowhere. You could also be extremely hardworking but if you do not know how to treat your co-workers with respect, take criticisms constructively, if you don’t know your place and act accordingly, this too will put a halt to your path to success. Lastly, work ethic is of utmost importance. If you genuinely and deeply care about your job, you will abide by the obvious rules such as always showing up on time, coming to work prepared, being responsible and never ever letting go of your drive. Have a tunnel vision, see the finish line, and do everything in your power to get there.”

The entertainment industry is said to be full of stress and pressure, what do you do to tackle the pressure that comes with your work?

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Alexa: “That’s most definitely inevitable in any line of work not just in the entertainment industry. But, yes, being an actress there are certain expectations, so much that is asked of you and the pressure can get unbearable. What I do is I surround myself with good friends and family. A core team, a support system. Without them it would be difficult to handle all the stress that comes with my career. It’s important to acknowledge whenever you feel like giving up, and ask for help. It’s not a walk in the park to be an actress, you owe it to yourself, the people who believe in you and the people you can influence to take care of you mental and physical being. In that way, you’re able to be on top of everything that you do.”

Who are your biggest influences in the entertainment industry?

Alexa: “There are so many esteemed icons I look up to but i’ll name one who has greatly impacted my development as an entertainer. First we have Ms. Angel Locsin. I closely watched her transform from being Alwina in Mulawin back in 2004, all her other roles in between up until being 2nd Lt. Rhian in The Generals Daughter last 2019. Ms. Angel’s acting chops is unquestionably outstanding. She has shown nothing but excellence no matter how challenging the roles that were given to her. In my opinion, she’s not just an exceptional actress but she also touches lives with every part she plays. But more importantly outside of her job, she gives justice to her name by being an angel to the community. Ms. Angel never forgets to give back to the people, joining causes and outreach programs; simply being present wherever help is needed. This is why to this very day she is an inspiration to many.”

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned and can pass on to others that are just getting started in this field?

Alexa: “I guess the biggest lesson i’ve learned so far is to never be the smartest person in the room. What I mean by this is that as much as you can, surround yourself with people that are smarter than you and more experienced than you. That way you’re constantly learning and gathering wisdom, knowledge, advices that will guide you as you slowly but surely make your way to success. This will also teach you humility and other great values that you need to shape you into a better actor or an individual.”

Do you have projects you’re working on now? Can you tell us about them?

Alexa: “I just finished filming for a movie but i’m not allowed to disclose details about it for now. However here’s a little clue, it’s a crime thriller and has a great ensemble of seasoned actors so i’m really excited about this coming out very soon! There’s also two films that haven’t come out yet. One is called “Hey Joe”, it’s directed by Direk Avel Sunpongco and I star alongside Arjo Atayde, Joel Torre, Nova Villa, Eric Quizon, Mon Confiado among many others. The other’s called “Cheat Day”. It’s a romance comedy directed by Direk Joey Reyes and my leading man is Derrick Monasterio. But I also have something new up my sleeve that i’m about to start taping for next week! Soon i’ll be posting about it on my socials. This i’m very thrilled about as it’s something i’ve never done before.

Now, Alexa is a host and part of the noontime show Tropang LOL on TV5, which airs daily from Monday to Saturday.

What’s next for Ms. Alexa Miro?

Alexa: “What you can expect from me is that I’ll become an actress that is well-rounded, and fully versed in singing, dancing, and acting. I refuse to excel in just one, and although I’m not there yet, there is nothing holding me back from honing my talents, working extra hard, shooting my shot, and taking every chance I can get to eventually unleash my full potential.”

Just by knowing her journey, Alexa is truly one of the inspiring women we must watch out for in the industry. She is a woman who knows what she wants and never lets her fears ruin her passion.

Her pure hard work, talent, and determination make her the most authentic actress she is today, and the world will soon know.

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