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A few reasons why Bretman Rock is the perfect “influencer”

A few reasons why Bretman Rock is the perfect “influencer”

If there’s one word that perfectly fits Bretman Rock, it would be REAL. In the world of social media and an array of different influencers, Bretman stands among the crowd. From being a beauty influencer, he proves that he is more than just that as he explores many of his talents among others. Born in the Philippines, this funny, loving, and confident influencer had my attention – especially, when I first saw him on YouTube. In fact, my curiosity grew as I found myself following all his social media accounts. I would even wait for a new video upload on his YouTube channel. Although some people might spew hate, it never affected my perception of him as the perfect influencer.

A few reasons why Bretman Rock is the perfect “influencer”

Treating family as a treasure.

In the show MTV’s: Following Bretman Rock, he constantly shows how much he loves his family. The show displays how hard his mom worked for them – waking up early just to provide for their family. That’s why he works hard and uses his talents because he knew how much his mom struggled for him and his siblings. If you’re like me and you also watch his every vlog, you probably saw videos of him and his mother. Plus, you can also see him eat a mukbang with his sister Princess Mae – with a few appearances by his niece Cleo and nephew Ezekiel.

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His authentic nature leads him to reach the top. 

Of course, being that unproblematic and talented will lead you to the top. Aside from being very talented with makeup, his fun personality, hilarious and entertaining food challenges definitely shares this whole other side of him as a person. The MTV show also displayed his vulnerable side. He shared his life as an immigrant Filipino kid in Hawaii, as well as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Cherishing his best friends. 

Aside from his sister, he also introduces his best friends Larry and Kieffer to the show. The show reveals the closeness they have. One of the episodes even showed how they attempted to shave his legs. It was hilarious. They shared these moments on the show, even exhibiting Kieffer’s gender expression which truly shows how Bretman cherishes his friends. He even set up a blind date for Larry and planned a surprise party for Kieffer. The show doesn’t just revolve around him, he shines a light on his family and friends. 

Did I miss a reason why Bretman Rock is a perfect influencer? Let us know!

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