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Your Pinoy Classic Comfort Foods in dealing with burnout

Your Pinoy Classic Comfort Foods in dealing with burnout

EEeny, meeny, miny, moe! Everyone is at risk of burnout, especially when working tirelessly to attain something. Luckily, Pinoys have their classic comfort foods that we can easily buy at any time of the day.

Merriam’s Dictionary defines burnout as physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress. And the truth is we handle this thing differently. Thus, work-related stress has been dealt with comfort foods for a very long time already.

Our Most Loved Classic Foods for Burnout

Sorbetes: Sweet Extinguisher in Fiery Burnout

Nowadays, people are working on any platform and at any time of the day. Although we have deadlines to beat, treating yourself to avoid burnout is essential. Sorbetes or ice cream has been our most loved dessert at any celebration.

Alongside that, Sorbetes are sold on almost every street and corner of the community. With various flavors, It’s easy to find and probably is the cheapest comfort food we could buy. Also, it ranges from popsicle sticks, cones, and even inside containers.

Besides that, its cold texture is a treat in making our body chill for a bit. It is simply relaxing, plus it’s fun to have this food with our friends and families. Indeed, this classic is the most convenient of all.

Goto and Arrozcaldo: The Battle of What’s Inside

Last summer of 2022, Filipinos battled over how essential Lugaw is. This rice recipe has been a regular to every home in the Philippines as it has varieties of Goto and Arrozcaldo. It’s a classic that is a complete meal itself, especially on cold days.

Moreover, this rice dish is excellent for our burnout. This food is best for any age and any condition. In such a way that Lugaw, Goto, and Arrozcaldo are like fast-food restaurants hidden in the local term of criteria.

In addition, the reason why it is perfect for dealing with our stress is that it is a simple meal to take. It makes someone remember home, which is essential in fighting burnout so that we cannot forget what is important to us and happy memories.

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Balut: The Ultimate Night Time Comfort Food

And Finally, the best comfort food for everyone. Screaming outdoors every night are our beloved balut vendors. And at some part in our lives, We all met these hardworking people on our way home.

Besides that, baluts are considered exquisite for locals and tourists. People treat this exotic food respectfully as it aligns with the culture. Some say that even eating this is a test of bravery.

In conclusion, burnouts are an inevitable problem for everyone. And based on one’s perspective, there is a lot of food that could extinguish burnout. Thus, whatever we are dealing with, we must face it with adversity and hope that we will feel better even with the help of eating.

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