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The Power of the Color Green

The Power of the Color Green

We all have our favorite colors in our lives, whether representing a physical or a sense of existence. Thus in my perspective, the color green strikes me the most in a world spinning around a color wheel. Why? Simply this color draws power.

How Color Green Draws a Deadly Power

History tells us that Marie Curie used pigments of green in 1898. Experimenting with the luminous green element of radium can be considered a hazardous matter. This example of the misuse of science resulted in more experimentation, leading to Napoleon’s death.

During the 18th century, people admire leafy-colored rooms, so Scheels Green and Paris paint of the same choice became a hit in the market. Despite this intention, the harmful chemicals used to create the first synthetic paint are now used as pesticides in modern times. In turn and as of today, most colors are now proven to be child safe and free of toxicity.

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The Soul of a Person who admires stains of life

The leafy color makes people believe that life could be better during better times. It draws energy by giving color to our environment. And it makes living sprout to face new challenges ahead.

Wherein, it makes people fall in love with valuing trees of life. And as we are wherever in the world, green speaks hope. And if we gain sight of this, we sleep in tenderness and vulnerability.

Meanwhile, the grassy color soothes our nerves in a million ways as it aspires to most Asians who practice meditation. Initiated with the inclusion of color touches, meditation could use peaceful surroundings or a cup of finely ground green leaves. Moreover, it then flows through our body figuratively and leads people to a new home of peace.

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In conclusion, green embrace a better life yet a powerful and dangerous one when miscalculated. Whenever one appreciates life, one will eventually see a drop of green paint. And in life that nurtures the power of green, a bright future awaits.

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