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Which one is the best: Buying a desktop PC or a laptop?

Which one is the best: Buying a desktop PC or a laptop?

Which is better? A laptop or a desktop PC? It’s an age-old question. And, to this day people are still asking which one they should get. Because both options are equally enticing! Especially now since laptops are getting good. So good that some are matching performance levels of gaming PCs.

However, these two are entirely different. A desktop PC and a Laptop will suit very different lifestyles. And, no matter how good they are on their own, they will both have downsides when compared to each other.

Which one is the best: Buying a desktop PC or a laptop?

The Laptop: Mobility and Convenience

I think it’s obvious that in terms of portability and convenience, the laptop takes the win. It packs performance in a sleek and light package that you can pick up with a hand. And, you can take it anywhere! Whether you’re going to school or to the office, you can simply put it in your bag and you’re good to go. Also, if you’re lacking space in you’re desk area, you have less to worry about if you’re using a laptop. That’s what makes it convenient.

What also makes it convenient is that you don’t have to worry about where to find parts for your laptop and buy them all separately because it’s already pre-built for you. Same thing when it breaks. No need to worry about parts, just send it to a service center and you’re fine.

What also plays into the favor of laptops is on top of mobility and convenience, you don’t lose out on much in terms of performance. A laptop won’t outperform a desktop PC. But, the difference in performance between the two is not that big. Unless we’re talking about 4K gaming, then a desktop pc takes the win on this one.

Still, for most of what you’re planning to do, a laptop will suffice.

The desktop PC: Performance and Expandability

As we said, a laptop won’t outperform a desktop PC. So, if all-out performance is what you are aiming for, then a desktop PC should suit you. It’s also cheaper than buying a gaming laptop. You can buy a lot of built gaming desktop PC without burning a massive hole through your pocket. This is a big deal because people are always looking for the best value option that there is.

A desktop PC also offers expandability. You can add more memory without complication and easily swap out parts you don’t like and make an upgrade without having to replace the whole set-up. Desktop PCs also run cooler with all of the cooling options that you can choose from. This means that thermal damage is less of a threat to desktop PCs as compared to laptops.

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In general, a desktop PC is more flexible, and powerful, and offers more value for money compared to a laptop in the same price category.

Which one is better? a Laptop or a Desktop PC?

Both options have their pros and cons. A laptop won’t be as powerful as a desktop PC for the same amount of money and you also won’t be able to do much with it in terms of an upgrade. But, you can bring it anywhere you go. A desktop PC on the other hand occupies a ton of space and might take more of your time and attention if you’re planning to build one. But, it does provide better performance and overall value for money.

In a perfect world, I would like to have both. A proper laptop for my work on the go and a beastly gaming desktop PC for me to come home to. But if I were to choose just one, then I would have to go with a laptop. A gaming laptop to be exact. My lifestyle demands that I be able to take my work with me wherever I go, so I would like to have that portability and still have amazing gaming performance.

A desktop PC is not for everyone, the same goes for a laptop. Determining which one is better than the other may not be as easy as we think because we all have different interests and our lifestyles differ from one another. But if you were to choose, which one is the best for you?

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