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WE WANT MORE: Why I Think K/DA Should Make A Comeback Now!

WE WANT MORE: Why I Think K/DA Should Make A Comeback Now!

With a promising music format, K/DA aims to not just be a staple AI girl group. Perhaps, the group’s creation sprouts even more of its kind on the metaverse. Now, everyone’s gearing to overtake the digital avenues, as these avatar groups seem to have skyrocketing reactions.

But, where is K/DA now? Do the breakout sensations already settled for individual projects? Is there something that Riot Games Music cooks for the time being? From newly formed award categories, budding journeys, and OG meta girl group titles.

WE WANT MORE: Why I Think K/DA Should Make A Comeback Now!

We need new music.

Luckily, before the indefinite break, K/DA has been really generous in putting out a record. The entirety of the play is new tracks and not recycled versions of their debut song POP/STARS. Regardless, the album is of two years behind and surely enough, their characters and sound have grown.

We badly demand the comeback, with great footing to League of Legends, disappointed is an understatement. The undying love of fans for the girl group is a driver for success, as this element surges the longevity of the past singles. Truly fascinating and terrific, the ocean of support that K/DA receives will be nothing but enough to assure of new music, right?

Metaverse Synergy

With aespa, MAVE, and many more now coming to the scene, the blueprint should be unleashed. I mean, the newly added category for Best Metaverse Performance for Video Music Awards has been bagged by Ready For Love of BLACKPINK. From which a whole damn statement, that the music director of the girl group has been so impactful even of critics.

As for the evolution of the plateau-d sounds of AI bands, especially in K-Pop, we can have the benchmark to seize. Well, in fact, K/DA is on the verge of opportune moments for these occurrences. Their original take to debut and promote a digital format of performers and artists can be considered a win for the game-repertoire development. Come on Riot, bring out the girls!

New season

Opening the new season we gladly have the favor for a release date, as for what materials may these be, only Riot knows. Accompanying 2023 is an astonishing zero-cinematic promotion. Well, no wonder how the girl band doesn’t have any concrete plans for a title.

Moreover, the call is amplifying amidst the lack of releases coming from K/DA’s label or so-called in-house producers. Of course, preparing for a return to the music scene isn’t just gonna happen in a snap of a finger. Riot Games Music, as we know, goes into sophisticated thematic comebacks and ideas for the record. Conjoined to this year’s anticipated e-sports and new champions, maybe a few singles here and there might not be that taxing, fingers-crossed.

Baddest do what the baddest do. Sure, BLADES will always give lots of love and encouragement to our girls. Who knows, maybe there is a new EP on the way and all we got to do is to count on it!

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