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Why I only play League of Legends’ ARAM game mode now

Why I only play League of Legends’ ARAM game mode now

League of Legends has always been my comfort game. It is one of Riot Games‘ masterpieces, much like VALORANT. Since I first started playing it way back in 2016, it has proven to be consistently interesting to me, a game that I’d often go back to. This is because of its fascinating game mechanics, visuals, lore, and community. Just the game in general appeals to me like an old favorite song, along with all of its game modes – ARAM, URF (Ultra Rapid Fire), Classic, Unranked, among others.

Years later and I still play it. However, times have indeed changed, and I no longer play it as patronizingly as I used to. Gone are the days when I’d spam-play classic and ranked games with my friends. The game mode “All Random All Mid,” more commonly known as ARAM, is the only mode I play now.

Why I only play League of Legends’ ARAM game mode now

Fun mechanics

In ARAM mode, you get to play random champions assigned to you by the game. Then, you compete against the opposite team in only one lane. That means you’re with your team all the time (except when they die), you level up together and fight together. Basically, constant clashing happens! Talk about a whole ‘nother level of teamwork. There are a lot of things you can do and an infinite combination of team comps to fight alongside with. Not to mention the bunch of feedable Poros ubiquitous on the map. It’s very fun!

Photo Credits | Riot Games

The thrill of getting your ‘main’

Since picking is completely randomized, it’s extra satisfactory when the game gives you your main champion. It’s much like hearing your favorite song played on the radio – it just hits differently!

Photo Credits | Riot Games

Less competitive

Everyone knows that it’s an all-random game, so there are no expectations. Unlike ranked games when everybody pressures you to perform in a certain way, ARAM only lets you play however you want to. Some of the players would be getting a champion that they don’t play at all and everyone anticipates that. They’ll be nice to you even if you go 0/10 – just cooperate with the team when it’s needed. It’s really just all fun and games; no competitive air, only pure enjoyment. It’s a great way to relieve stress!

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It doesn’t take much time

Compared to other game modes such as classic and ranked, ARAM takes much less time to finish. I once had a game that lasted for only eight minutes. This is because you only play in one lane consisting of two towers, one inhibitor, and the Nexus. That’s not a lot to break, especially since you’re essentially all together all the time. Also, some team comps could be so bad and have no synergy at all. This makes winning against them an easy feat. Although it could last for more than 30 minutes, it’s relatively improbable. For busy adults, time is always of the essence, so ARAM not being time-consuming is a great deal!

Photo Credits | Riot Games

Everyone’s friendly!

I think all ARAM players just want to have a good time and take a break. This makes the ARAM community the chill, laid-back, and easy-going counterpart of League’s other existing game modes. You’ll rarely come across toxic players trash-talking you like there’s no tomorrow, or intentional feeders who’d spoil your locations the entire game. In the ARAM mode, you can really enjoy League of Legends without having to deal with its largely toxic community.

Art Credits | “Mighty Poro” (Legends of Runeterra)

I might be a little old for the usual League of Legends now, where there is a constant battle not only of wits and tactics but also words and toxicity. However, I’m glad that they at least have ARAM for people like me who prefer chill games more.

What are your comfort games? Do tell us about it!

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