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Valentine’s Day outfits based on your zodiac’s lucky color of 2023

Valentine’s Day outfits based on your zodiac’s lucky color of 2023

Before we actually go ahead with the article, let me just preface it by saying I don’t know anything about astrology. All I know is that I belong in a fire zodiac sign called Leo. Despite my cluelessness, I love reading horoscopes as they sometimes fit what I was going through.

I also love looking for my zodiac signs’ lucky colors and wearing an outfit in that hue. I’m not going to lose anything for believing in luck… right? With that said, I thought maybe I could do the same thing for other people and style an outfit accordingly to said lucky colors – but, this time, for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day outfits based on your zodiac’s lucky color of 2023

Also, I just want to say that I got the lucky colors from Business Insider’s Dr. Sathya Narayanan. As mentioned above, I don’t know anything about astrology. But, he certainly does. In an article revealing the lucky colors based on zodiac signs in 2023, he mentioned how certain specific colors may work miracles. So, let’s make the best use of said colors and steer our lives on the road to success. Maybe this success can refer to our love lives as well. 

Aries | Red

With Mars ruling the fiery zodiac sign, Narayanan pointed out that red can bring you success and good luck in any of your ventures. The color symbolizes purity, aggressiveness, energy, and mobility.

Aside from that, it can also bring you the blessings of Mars. With the event and color in mind, it’s not a secret that a lot of people will be wearing red on Valentine’s Day. Why not take advantage of the event and wear the color head to toe?

It’s the right time to blast out that red dress you’ve been hiding in your closet. If you want to keep it lowkey, add a wired bra over the dress and put on a white sweater before tucking the bottom of the sweater into the bra. You look cute and comfy and ready for that date!

Taurus | White and Lotus Pink

White and lotus pink will bring highly favorable results in 2023 for Taurus. Ruled by Venus, the zodiac sign symbolizes the earth element. Astrologers will also ask people with this sign to avoid yellow and red to avoid bad luck. 

The outfit that immediately came to my head looks a lot similar like the one Sam Montgomery aka Hilary Duff wore during that costume party in one of the most iconic romantic comedies of the 2000s, A Cinderella Story.

Grab a white dress with a flared bottom to make you feel like the royalty that you truly are. Then, pair it with a lotus pink pair of sneakers and accessorize accordingly. You can put on a cropped cardigan just in case it gets chilly during the date.

Gemini | Green, and Yellow

The best colors for Gemini are green and yellow with Mercury ruling the zodiac sign. Although white and pink can also bring positive energy this year. However, since Gemini remains a dual and airy sign, yellow and green can take you nearer to success.

But, the article does warn you about choosing red and blue. With that said, it was so easy to match yellow and green together as pairing them together makes such an elegant look.

I decided to mix satin yellow for that airy feel and emeralds together for duality with some gold. Since the mix of these two colors together looks elegant, let’s style an outfit with the same vibe. So, grab that yellow satin dress and pair it with gold and emerald accessories.

Cancer | Silver, White, Cream, Lemon Yellow, and Red

Cancer will find silver, white, cream, lemon yellow, and red to be their best colors this year. With the moon ruling the zodiac sign, the soft hues also have a nurturing effect. These will also help attract energies that you may lack and will you make lucky. The article also advises Cancers to avoid dark and bright colors. 

I know a Cancer-born individual which just happens to be my best friend for over fifteen years. So, with her personality in mind, it was very hard to style an outfit that she would wear in these colors. So, I decided to use lemon yellow, white, and cream as the base colors with red and silver accessories.

Since February 14, 2023, is a Tuesday, I’m pretty sure that a lot of us will be coming from work. So, it’s a good day to maybe wear a white and cream suit with a ribbed lemon yellow cropped top underneath. Then, complete the outfit with a red handbag and a pair of red kitten heels with a silver rhinestone necklace and earrings.

Leo | Gold, and Orange

Leo-born individuals will find gold and orange as their best colors in 2023. With the sun ruling the zodiac sign, it actually makes sense. Colors associated with light, sun, and fire will bring you success. 

As a brown-skinned Leo myself, I feel like these colors definitely complement me. So, I kind of selfishly styled an outfit that would definitely compliment all the brown-skinned Leos out there.

So, an all-orange satin ensemble would look good with gold metallic stilettos with a gold necklace, charm bracelet, and sun pendant earrings would look the best. Then, just add orange sunglasses and a champagne gold handbag.

Virgo | White, Green, and Blue

According to the article, Virgos will find white, green, and blue as their best colors of 2023 with Mercury ruling the zodiac sign. Aside from that, it also warns you not to use the fiery color red as it will hardly give you any of your desired results. 

So, as an earth sign, I figured we can use green as the main color of an outfit. Meanwhile, we can add blue which has the equivalent vibrance on the color. Then, let’s just accessorize accordingly.

If you have a cropped long-sleeve button-up, you can pair it with high-waisted green trousers. Then, add a blue handbag and a similarly-hued pair of shoes. To complete the outfit, you can use gold accessories with a little hint of emerald stones.

Libra | White, and Orange

Ruled by Venus, Libras have the lucky colors of white and orange. Aside from that, you can also choose light blue for luck. However, if you have this zodiac sign, do not choose anything in red as the color may not work in your favor.

Although we’re styling your outfits for Valentine’s Day, maybe you should avoid wearing the color red to avoid any kind of heartbreak during this day. But, we can work with white and orange.

Just because you’re going on a date, it doesn’t mean that you need to stop yourself from wearing street style. So, I figured, why not style an orange long-sleeved cutout top with a pair of white denim cargo pants, and complete them with a pair of orange Nike dunks?

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Scorpio | Red, Chocolate Brown, Orange, and White

Scorpios can turn their favor around with red, chocolate brown, orange, and white in 2023. Mars rules the zodiac sign and you will have to avoid green and blue. However, these colors are very hard to style together.

So, I decided to make brown and red as the base colors. Meanwhile, orange and white can become the added colors for shoes and accessories. But, the combination of the base colors always reminds me of a brown trench coat over a red turtleneck.

Since we’re in the tropical country of the Philippines, I figured we can style them in a different way. A red ribbed sleeve cropped top would do the best during the day. But, if it gets too chilly at night, you can always grab a white cropped cardigan to cover yourself up.

Then, pair it with high-waisted trousers, white platform boots with orange sheer socks underneath, orange floral earrings, white sunglasses, and a brown leather handbag. Your outfit is complete and you’re ready to go on that date!

Sagittarius | Orange and Dark Yellow

Orange and dark yellow are the lucky colors for Sagittarius individuals. With Jupiter ruling the zodiac sign, these can turn destiny in your favor. You can also add cream and green for added luck. Aside from that, you will have to avoid the color blue as it will hardly work in your favor.

Although the orange top is a turtleneck, it’s actually ribbed and comfortably airy. Use a pair of dark yellow flared cotton pants, and a pair of block heels to compliment the top. Then, complete the entire outfit with a cream handbag and some yellow earrings.

Capricorn | Purple, and Black

Capricorn-born individuals will find themselves lucky in purple and black. Aside from that, you can also add dark green and dark brown. With Saturn ruling the zodiac sign, you can have amazing results for your Valentine’s date with your beau. But, you will have to avoid yellow and red. 

This is probably the most comfortable outfit I’ve thought of for this list. You can wear a ribbed purple sweater vest and a pair of black trousers. Then, add a pair of platform loafers with a purple handbag. You can complete the outfit with a cropped cardigan, a beret, and some purple and silver accessories.

Aquarius | Light Blue and Purple

As an Aquarius individual, you can choose light blue and purple as their colors of 2023 as it will give you the best results. With Saturn ruling the zodiac sign, bright colors and white can also do you good. However, you will have to avoid colors like dark blue and green. 

The first thing that popped into my mind with these colors is a soft girl aesthetic outfit. You can grab a tie-up cropped light blue cardigan, a purple satin skirt, and white strappy kitten heels with pearl accessories. Then, complete the entire outfit with a white handbag and a pair of light blue sunglasses.

Pisces | Orange, Yellow, and Pink

Similar to Sagittarius but in a different shade, Pisces individuals can find themselves lucky in the colors orange and yellow. With Jupiter ruling the zodiac sign, these colors will bring you blessings. Aside from that, you can add pink for a change for good results. However, you’re going to have to avoid anything in dark colors, especially black. 

Probably the most colorful outfit in this entire list, you can use this outfit for the work day and wear it for a date with your beau after. You can have a pink blazer, a yellow ribbed sleeveless cropped top, and a pair of orange pants in the same shade as the other colors. Then, put on gold accessories. 

What is your zodiac sign? Let us know if these outfits fit you the most!

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