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Twinkle Chiu shares what inspires her to thrive in life

Twinkle Chiu shares what inspires her to thrive in life

Despite being in a now well-off family and having an established career, Twinkle Chiu could not settle just yet.

She’s a flight attendant by day and an artist on the sides. Beauty must really run in their blood! She’s the sister to one of this generation’s brightest stars Kim Chiu. However, Twinkle is carving her own path and not nesting on anyone’s shadow.

Twinkle on putting up a business during quarantine

Due to the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries, including aviation, have been deeply affected. Which is why, Twinkle wanted to prepare for the future and secure it.

Twinkle started putting up a business during quarantine, selling food and home stuff.

“Well, it was during this pandemic and when ECQ was implemented, aviation industry was hugely struck with crisis and flights were either restricted and or cancelled so I figure why not make my days productive while waiting for my next scheduled flight.”

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According to her, it has always been in her principles to provide for her own and not rely on their wealth, “I have always been an independent woman, I make sure I know how to live by my own means just like most of my friends, we don’t rely much with our family’s achievements, rather I want to be able to set achievements and success on my own. Having said that, it’s more fulfilling achieving success with hard work and it makes you appreciate the little things and the tiny details.”

In this difficult time, Twinkle shared what activities mostly occupy her day. These include cooking for her business, learning online skills and recipes, and checking out on family and friends.

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She wants to set an example among Filipina women who want to pursue business and gain success, “Keep on pursuing and keep on thriving, profit or not, what’s important is you make your idle days productive and a continuous learning experience rather than just sitting it pass thru the entire day doing couch potato stuff.”

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