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This shop brings you the shabu-shabu experience at home

This shop brings you the shabu-shabu experience at home

Since the lockdown was imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve been bingeing Netflix to keep myself distracted. But if there’s one good thing that I’ve got from it is to be acquainted with other Asian Cultures particularly  — Koreans and Japanese. It’s because of their top-rated series that can get you hooked. Just this week, after rehashing some episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, I came across Doctor-X which is a hit medical series in Japan. Through that, I’ve become so fascinated with the Japanese culture and have led me to crave the popular Japanese hotpot dish Shabu-shabu.

Since it’s still MECQ, I’m trying to avoid going out but I have to satisfy my cravings. A very good friend of mine recommended Caleb’s Plate.

Assorted Balls with fillings

“I guarantee you that it’s the best shabu-shabu you can try at home”, he said. Caleb’s Plate is a one-stop-shop for Shabu-shabu frozen products located in Quezon City. They have ready to cook Shabu Shabu sets with complete high-grade ingredients, waiting to be enjoyed by the whole family in the comfort of our own homes. To my palate’s delight, it was superb and delicious. It’s been raining so hard in the past few days and the cold weather calls for a hot pot to keep you warm. It’s such a rare treat as even the assorted balls melt in your mouth because of its buttery fillings.

Why should it be your hotpot of choice?

Upon receiving my order, I was glad to see that all the premium ingredients were packed and sealed with the utmost care and thought. With the coronavirus scare, you want to make sure that what you order is safe. You don’t want to contract the dreaded disease with some poorly prepared food. The pack also comes with a booklet on how to prepare it which is awesome though you can just dunk and swish the ingredients the way you want it. The best thing about it also is, it has generous servings for 2 to 3 people so the family can definitely dig in.

Set A (good for 2 to 3 pax)


Set A (good for 4 to 6 pax)

As the rainy season set in, and after months of quarantine, a lot of people are raring to go out, meet up and catch up. As dining options were scarce and buffets or group meals like shabu-shabu hot pots were not allowed to open, this is such a dining experience that you can have at home instead. Shabu-shabu is one of the easiest meals to prepare. It is so simple that kids can even prepare it on their own. It’s also nutrition-packed and considered a go-to meal on cold, rainy days.

How did Caleb’s Plate start?

Karina and Caloy are partners in everything. When they started as a couple in 2017, their first project was a meal planning and delivery service that was geared towards fitness. Because of their delectable dishes and a growing base of aficionados, they opened up a catering service in late 2019 for the party needs of their clients. Both hail from a family of foodies and interestingly, they also both come from culinary backgrounds. They both worked for big-name restaurants before they came together.

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As the pandemic rages on, the food industry continues to take a hit. It is among the many sectors it’s taken a toll on. With no events to cater to, the couple thought it best to bring their widely loved cuisine straight to the homes of their family and friends starting with shabu-shabu. Word got around and it has now become part of the host of home-based businesses many chefs and cooks have resorted to. Caleb’s Plate is inspired by their 2-year-old son, Caleb, who shares his parent’s love for delicious comfort food.

Because the couple would never serve a dish that they wouldn’t consider putting on (their son) Caleb’s Plate. They only give him the best and this extends to all those who order from their second baby, Caleb’s Plate. Should you want to have a taste of this delectable Shabu-shabu, check out their Facebook account @calebsplate and IG: @calebsplate. You may also contact them through Whatsapp/Viber at 09190024822. Keep in mind that the more we order, the more we support the local businesses.


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